Wednesday, November 29, 2017

How To Get Your Home Ready For The Holiday Season

Holidays are fast approaching in Singapore, and we all know that Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas is a time of joy and spending time with loved ones. Christmas parties are the best time of year with family and friends. Christmas is a festive moment when you want everything new and exciting. It plays an essential role in strengthening family ties. Everyone exchanges gifts and decorates the Christmas tree together. Is the house neat and ready for guests? Prepare some simple cleaning tips for your home for Christmas.

Arrange your home
First, order home. You have to remove and unnecessary things that can group the state of the house. This leads to many guests coming here on holiday. You may have to throw some old things that have not been used for centuries, and you were surprised at how neat a place can be.

dust in all rooms
Another thing is to remove dust from all the rooms in the house and at the same time remove some permanent ones. Taking these two things at the same time saves you a lot of time and effort as if you remove them after dust removal, it is likely that the floor or room to be cleaned will be replenished with dust, and you need to re-apply them.

Clean all the windows
The next thing you can do is clean all windows from the inside and make sure they are clean. Then you can map the floors and wash the things that need to be washed.

Change beddings and sheets
After that, you have to change sheets and bedding. You also need to prepare some rooms because it is very likely that your family or friends will stay there until Christmas is over.

Add extension

Could you say, "Is this only to spend money on the extension?" The fact is that the extension is an excellent addition to your home. When the guests who make the party go, you can use it for many functions. You can change it to a playroom for kids, or a multimedia home where you can watch movies with a good projector, or you can change it to a mini gym for your health. The fact is that extending your home is never a waste of money.

Convert the cellar
If you have a basement that is no longer used for storage what you can even recognize it now is the time to clean it and make it a business renewal becomes a living space. You can renovate the walls, clean or change tile floors, add some decorations and more importantly, add some beds. Continued, turn the old basement into a useful space not to waste money because you can use it even after the visitors return home.

Change some of the garages
If you have a huge garage and just a few, you can use extra space for your stay as a living space. Repair companies can simply place the removable partition between the actual garage and the transform. Then, when the season is over, you can delete it or save it.

Use the gulls
If your house has an attic used to store the used goods, you can also use it. Clean the place, remove that you can continue to use, you can donate and those who deserve to come in the trash. Again, a renovation company can do miracles to turn its former uninhabited dwelling into a shelter. It is good to donate the contents of your attic, which is perfect for Christmas, which is the time to share. Those you can still use can be placed in a garage or sent to storage.

Clean the couch
If your sofa looks too bland and you do not want to spend money on buying, you can buy a beautiful sofa cover or make and still look like. Some lace or look curtains and a large carpet covering the living room gel well with room decor. There are specially designed carpets for this event so you may want to have one of them at Christmas time. Even if you do not want to get an area on a carpet that has a birth scene, you can get one that is the colors of a monotonous or eclectic Christmas by combining red, green and white.

Decorate the doors
When you have finished cleaning, look for the time to decorate your house. Show the Christmas atmosphere by making some decorations on your doorstep, your living room, and even the dining room. Make sure you do not overstate it because too many decorations can make your house look like it has not been cleaned for years.

Clean your kitchen

Arrange all other things in the house because of the location of furniture, kitchen utensils, cooking utensils and other things. You will be surprised how clean the house is before Christmas. Remember to perform maintenance even after the end of the holiday season. You can clean your house every day, not just during the holiday season. You can also ask your friends and loved ones to help you clean the house and have fun doing it.

Add indoor lighting
Although you may have thought of placing Christmas lights for a house for a vacation, it helps to increase lighting in the dark or in the weak. Generally, most rooms work well with two different lighting sources. For example, in your kitchen, you may benefit from the lights below the cupboards to increase brightness in cooking and light fittings on the kitchen island.

Clean the storage space
While it may be tempting to store items that are in the house as a package so they do not stay in the view of customers, it is recommended to check the organization completely before friends and relatives arrive. Cleaning and arranging from trash to drawers, cupboards and cupboards will make your home clean and fresh rather than full and crowded.


Christmas is an exceptional occasion celebrated with the whole family. Christmas decorations and Christmas trees are the funniest and most exciting part of Christmas. It's a perfect time to change the look of your house altogether. Many people start preparing for Christmas many weeks in advance, but cold weather does not allow them to enjoy the party enough.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

All You Need To Know About 10 Easy House Cleaning Tips

Having the clean residential home is something most individuals love and enjoy, but it's time it will take to achieve it that we all not deal with. Exactly how much interesting that might be to take your day off and also spend all of it for home cleaning? Certainly not one thing I would look ahead to, and I am sure you might feel the same. Having that inside your mind, here are several rapid house cleaning tips to decrease the energy and time.

1. You can get more information concerning how to create your house cleaning check-list on the website page, but this should greatly help in lowering an individual's time and effort and get the task achieved quicker.

2. Have a timetable relating to regular jobs, for example, cleaning baseboards and managing cabinetry. You may need to move through the cabinets every six months’ time, as an example; but you really can't always remember the very last period you probably did it. You should schedule your cleaning time adjacent to the healthcare doctor's appointment and also a business conference to ensure you might not forget.

3. One of the biggest time wasters has to run around your house getting your cleaning resources or whatever else you'll require to be able to carry out your task. Accumulate your cleaning materials in just one basket.

4. This may be one of the house cleaning ideas that hit the house with lots of folks. Planning to clean with the help of clothes and towels onto the ground, magazines piled-up or perhaps dishes just about everywhere can be annoying at best. Conduct an effective pick-up and also ensure that it is an aim that this particular year you might be home totally free of mess.

5. Try to make the bed always and also every day. It will usually take a moment and then allows you to feel very much better with regards to your residence and yourself.

6. Always keep things uncomplicated and thus cleaning would be easier. Stick to a single illustrated book over your coffee table, for example, as an alternative to an arrangement of figurines. The first one may be quicker to dirt and also always maintain neat and tidy, to make your job to completely clean, hassle-free.

7. To remove grime and dirt from any room or living area, begin by dusting up high. This can make loose dirt to drop onto lower surfaces, giving you a second chance to extensively clean it up when you dust the lower surfaces. Never stir up any dirt or even flick that in the surroundings; wipe it off with extended strokes if you can and additionally always keep that in your dust cloth. We all like to utilize cloth diapers regarding dusting, and also many of us shake them out consistently outside of the house to prevent releasing the dust back inside the air within our residence. Dust and get rid of anything from the top of any horizontal surface and after that dust the surface itself.

8. Probably the most despised activities you can complete however the best thing is; it may be performed very quickly when you go along with the manner by which I achieve, very few tips to apply to accomplish it very quickly. Firstly put some cleaner in the bowl to soak. Afterward, wipe down a chair and also outside of that bowl through a powerful anti-bacterial wipe or spray cleaning solution. After that scrub the bowl by using a toilet brush and lastly wash everything one more time with the help of the dry up cloth making it gleam.

9. If you find any trouble, correct it. Most individuals tend to allow cleaning concerns to build simply. Repairing problems can also help to make cleaning go more and more easily.
10. Vacant the wastebasket. Fold plenty of clean trash liners and then locate them towards the base of your container to make rapid work of this task very next time.

The end of lease cleaning services could prove to be a very hassle free and professional service which ensures that the entire activity is carried out efficiently.

The home cleaning services may include various aspects like carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, external window cleaning, etc. which provides a holistic cleaning service. The cleaning service can also be extended to office space which lends a clean and professional appearance to offices before they decide to move in. It is a perfect decision which would provide a smooth and glittering beginning.

The specialty Singapore house cleaning companies will also assist in the relocation of the family's household goods. They will pack all the household items, arrange for the shipping company to load and deliver the goods, and then even unpack the boxes and arrange all the items in the new home. They will also remove and dispose of the packing materials.

To ensure the smooth functioning of the household, they will take care of minor repairs themselves or supervise skilled artisans, plumbers, painters, etc. who can fix the problem. They will make minor purchases of necessary items when requested to do so by the family.

Most importantly these Singapore house cleaning specialists can, under the parameters set by their employers, take the initiative to use their judgment to solve problems that may occur in the course of daily life. By using their judgment and not bothering the family members, the specialist can relieve a lot of the burden and frustrating distractions for the family. Thus, the adults in the family can concentrate on their careers and outside interests, and the children can focus on their school requirements and extra activities without having to worry about daily things.

Nowadays so many modern adults of both sexes express their longing for a traditional stay-at-home wife who can take on the multifaceted burden of managing the family. Well, these maid and housekeeper multitasking specialists can supply that need for today's family.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

House Cleaning Tips

A large portion of us doesn't relate hosting a get-together and house keeping together. However, the house keeping tips in this article will take a look at combining the two. Home cleaning does not typically rank high on a rundown of fun things to do. It may be close to the base of the list... somewhere around going to the dental practitioner.

Be that as it may, why ought to cleaning the kitchen, scouring the lavatory, clearing the floors, or doing the clothing be at the base of the rundown? While it may not be the highest priority on the rundown, gives check whether we a chance to can move it up somewhat further. Rather than taking a gander at the drudgery of the task we chose to take a gander at things a little in an unexpected way, challenge our idea of "spring cleaning," and check whether we could put a feeling of fun into housekeeping.

Everybody Involved 

It is regularly the case that maybe a couple of people wind up with the greater part of the cleaning errands, however numerous others were included in making the wrecks. Mother turns into the house keeper while the kids approach their business...probably making more mess and leaving a trail of grimy dishes afterward. Anyway, what is a gathering without individuals? Let's get everybody in the family to contribute and assist. Pick a day at some point amid the month to have a major "cleaning party" and get everyone included.

Every individual will have relegated undertakings; some will clean the kitchen, others the restroom, still others may be in charge of cleaning windows or tidying. Your "gathering supplies" will require an outing to the store for a touch of looking for the vital supplies. Guarantee you have everything available and build up a begin time and a stop time.What is a gathering without diversions? Make a couple of amusements that everybody can play while they are cleaning. Have the "neatest room challenge" and toward the day's end judge room's identity's cleaner, give an excellent prize additionally prizes for everybody that puts in the work. Brainstorm your particular diversions or different traps to keep everybody's advantage and make it fun. That is the objective, make cleaning a good time for the entire family.

Crank the Music 

Great, loud music is basic for a decent gathering, and our cleaning gathering is the same. Everyone gets energized by great music; it will keep the vitality step up and make the day pass by quick. A decent beat will keep a bounce in your progression and make the way toward pushing a vacuum or washing the blinds somewhat more pleasant. On the off chance that review school children are in the photo there are probably going to be a few verbal confrontations about whose music you will tune in to. It is typically best to allow everybody to pick the music, perhaps one individual picks then the following, or arrange the music determination in some other way that everybody takes an interest and all of you get the advantage of house keeping in a gathering climate.

Organization and Planning 
Make a cleaning list. You ought to incorporate all that you have to clean. This will incorporate each room of the home. After you have a rundown of each room and what should be done in each room, you are prepared to choose which way will work quicker for you. An ideal approach to clean and the quickest is to bring a container with all you were cleaning apparatuses in it and the vacuum cleaner to the main room.

The Bathroom 
If you are beginning in the washroom, bring the tub and tile cleaner, latrine bowl cleaner and brush, glass cleaner and a cloth or wipe for cleaning the floor. Begin at the top and work your way down to the floor. Clean the mirrors first. At that point clean the sinks and ledges. At that point move to the tub and clean the encompassing shower divider and the tub. At that point move to the latrine. Clean the bowl and the tank cover. At that point clean the outside of the can. The last stride is to clean the floor. Begin in the most remote corner and work out the entryway. Sorting out and arranging makes your cleaning employments go so significantly speedier. House keeping Tips can just spare you time.

Cleaning the Bedrooms 
If this is the day you plan to clean the rooms, strip the beds immediately when you get up in the morning and begin the wash. This ought to be done before breakfast. After breakfast, toss the sheets in the dryer and make a beeline for the first room to clean. Take your provisions and your pail and also the vacuum cleaner. Fix up the dressers and end tables. On the off chance that you have a roof fan, utilize a quill duster to evacuate the tidy. At that point utilize the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dividers and get any tidy bunnies that are framing on the dividers. Next, you ought to clean the mirrors and windows, and after that promise the dressers and headboards of the beds.

The following thing you will do is vacuum the floor and wash with foamy water on the off chance that it is wood flooring. At that point get the sheets out of the dryer and make the bed.After you have completed the washroom and the rooms, you can move onto the lounge, lounge area and afterward the kitchen. Simply recall to begin at the top and work your way down in each room. Sparing time is the best house keeping tips you can have, particularly if you truly might want to stay away from a whole day of cleaning. Keep your cleaning supplies with you, and you never need to go amiss from you get ready for cleaning.

Party Food 
In the wake of a dull day scouring the tile shower, evacuating rug recolors, or applying finish to hardwood floors, your will have a ravenous group staring you in the face. The possibility of cooking won't claim either, so pack up the group and reward everybody for their diligent work by setting off to your families most loved eatery. Let everybody know before you begin cleaning and this will go about as a solid inspiration considers for your house keeping chores.Make this a genuine gathering and let the primary spot victor of the "cleanest room" challenge pick the eatery. This approach will positively get a little rivalry going may very well be the secret to getting the everybody's room spotless.

Absolutely the prospect of scouring the sink or wiping your vinyl floors is not anybody's concept of fun, but rather by utilizing these clues and house keeping tips, you can make cleaning the house into a gathering. With a little inventiveness and association, you can transform this standard diligent work into a gathering.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Why Should You Use House Cleaning Companies?

Some people would say that their home isn't at the level of cleanliness they need it to be. Most people lead very busy lifestyles, and they don't have time to clean their house on a daily basis. It means that a little bit of chaos can turn into a big one really quickly. That's why you should think about booking House Cleaning Companies. Employing a cleaning agency can help you catch up with the cleaning, and can make it far more manageable than it would be otherwise.

You might think that a cleaning service is not affordable. But, that is not correct. Most firms offer a variety of different options, and they provide something that will fit the needs of just about anybody. You can evaluate the businesses in your local area and choose which one is a good match for you.

For example, you could have somebody come in and help with cleaning on a regular basis or you could just schedule a spring cleaning session whenever you want it. Most firms charge set rates, while others charge hourly rates.

Additionally there are different cleaning services provided by firms. You could employ someone to deep clean your kitchen, or hire someone who can help you do the laundry. It is all about you and what you need. No matter what your requirements are, there's a company out there that could meet them.

Take a look at all your options, and take the time to do a price comparison. The chances are, you'll be able to locate a service that is within your budget. Cleaning can be very valuable and there's no need for you to spend a huge amount of money. Some individuals may feel that it is silly to pay someone to do something that you can do alone. However, it's important to remember that cleaning agencies have access to tools and equipment that you don't. They will be able to make your home cleaner in a shorter amount of time.

It's also smarter to remember that employing House Cleaning Companies can have an impact on your quality of life. If you find yourself being sick over and over again, it's possible that the bacteria in your property is to blame.

A good deep cleaning can make your home a healthier place to live. You'll be able to take fewer sick days, and will have the energy you need to keep your home clean in the future. It is really the ideal solution to a situation that can wind up being really stressful.

Take your time to find a company that could clean your house. Whether you get it washed once or cleaned on a regular basis, it'll feel great to come home to a clean home. The most effective firms do top quality work, and they do it for a competitive price.

There is not a house that will not need cleaning. Even properties that are not inhabited gather dust. Therefore, no one can run away from home cleaning. As a house owner, you may be hired to work in a busy job which hardly allows you time for other stuff. Moreover, there are individuals who attend evening as well as weekend classes right after work. Messy houses act as breeding areas for microbes. The only choice here is to hire a cleaning company. But, you must be very cautious when you select the business you want to use.

Trustworthy House Cleaning agencies leave your home looking gleaming. Also, they offer you a sense of relief. You can unwind knowing that you can stick to your daily activities, while the expert cleaners are doing a great job on your property. In connection with this, expert cleaning will depend on:

-The nature of the service you've arranged
-The level to which the cleaners will go
-Number of areas that you want to be cleaned
-Number of times you need your property cleaned - once every week, once every month and so on

It will cost you much less to utilize a weekly service as compared to a monthly one.

Domestic cleaning agencies shouldn't increase their rates if you're located in an area that's far from the cleaner's office. A lot of cleaning businesses charge based on the services you hire. While other providers charge on an hourly basis. You should bear in mind that throughout the high season, cleaning charges do go up. For instance, at the start of spring, most homeowners are looking for firms that can clean up from the effects of melted snow. If you could hold back until there is less demand for cleaning services, you might save some money along the way.

Normally, if you book a one off cleaning service you could pay more than what you would pay if it was a weekly service. This is because one off cleaning services involve a lot of work. If it's a weekly service, the cleaners would be familiar with the property and they would know what to do. Cleaning such houses poses a few issues. Yet, this is something you can square out with the agency. That is why it's good to take a look at what several agencies would charge for the same services. Don't always choose the very first business that comes your way.

Testimonials from previous customers can be very valuable in figuring out whether the domestic cleaning services you were provided are within the industry's restriction. If you live in a place that is well endowed by some cleaning agencies, you can try one off services from each of them. That way, you will be able to choose the most suitable cleaning company for you. Cleaning services can save you a lot of anxiety. In addition, businesses are always willing to modify their services to you.

Make sure the company's ultimate objective is customer satisfaction, 100% guaranteed. It means determining how the company in question makes sure the client is completely satisfied with their house cleaning services, and how is it handled if the customer is not convinced.

As you can see, thorough research into a potential cleaning service for your home is important to ensure satisfactory results and peace if mind for you, the customer.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Toilet

Cleaning a toilet is a habit practiced by every household to make the restroom as clean as it should be. As such, it is always important to ensure that you use the best methods and detergents to clean the toilet. Are your surest ways hygienic enough to drive away all the germs? Well; below are the things to avoid when cleaning toilet to add up your microbe killing mission:

• While flushing, do not leave the lid open. This could be the onset of harmful microorganisms culminating the room. This is a common mistake a lot have gone ahead to assume. According to credible researches conducted, it has been proved that indeed germs can survive in the atmosphere for a long time to the point of breeding in dark, dirty corners of the space. This can be proved further, the pressure involved with flushing sends some water carrying germs splashing out of the chamber and contaminating other objects not intended for. In the end, the bacteria multiply rather than decreasing because of the open getaway that facilitates its increment.

• Desist from using harsh abrasives with presumption that it will be free from stains and germs. It poses more harm than good. They will lead to corrosion of the toilet floor and even the toilet bowl itself. With its continuous use, the toilets surfaces gradually take on a faded and bumpy appearance and later on become the bacterial den. It is not only the toilet that suffers the damage but also the cleaner. If he or she does not take the necessary precaution, it will lead to severe injuries. Therefore, avoid coming into direct contact with the chemicals while cleaning the toilet. Put on a preventive attire to keep away the strong, dangerous components in the toilet cleansers. Having said that, don’t leave chemicals spilling all over the room.

• A toilet is a place to ease her not a storage space. The more items there are, the harder it will be to eradicate microorganisms. Do not store your toiletries in the toilet room hoping it will be easier to find and use them. With time, the moisture in the place hooks up with the products surfaces forming what could be the best habitat for germs because of the dirt that accumulates over time. Avoid stuffing them in the toilet since it will also prove harder to clean the vulnerable environment now that there are hideouts for germs and you won’t be able to clear them out in a day.

• When cleaning a toilet, leave out every gadget on the table or somewhere other than the toilet itself. It never hurts to take a break from snap chat and concentrate on keeping the place clean and tidy. Scientists have proven that cell phones could also harbor germs if exposed to a germ stricken place. What’s the point of washing hands and getting back to the dirty phone that is already infested with the disease causing organisms? This habit is detestable and should never be practised.

• While cleaning a toilet; avoid mixing detergents. Some detergents are very corrosive when brought together which is why they should never come in contact. A lot of people think that cleaning detergents mixed together will be more effective and in so doing; will ease the task of cleaning using the new found method. You never know how much harm could be brewing following the experiment. Some of the sites recommend such ways without carrying a research on the level of toxicity involved. Never take into consideration such ill advice from uncertified personnel who care not.

• Do not let your toilet act as a refuse point where you get to flush anything other than your poop. Doing so while cleaning might lead to other complications not prepared for like drain blockage. Some things like wrappings should never be let through the toilet flush since it might go ahead to block the pipe leading the used water through to the sewage collection point.

• While cleaning a toilet, don’t go ahead and try to examine the toilet parts simply because you are trying to ascertain every part is intact. Don’t act as Mr. Right and let the professionals do their job. If you try to venture into the plumbing industry using your model, it might lead to trivial problems which will later on cost a lot more due to your intervenience. Save yourself the trouble of having to experience such and let a plumber take control.

• Avoid toilet freshener balls at all cost. They sure seem very nice with its pleasant fragrance. Let not that blind your eyes from seeing its disadvantage of using them. With their ball-like shapes, some might prove hard to disintegrate and later on block the toilet from cleansing. The chemicals used to manufacture the balls could also damage the inner parts of the toilet like wearing them out.

• Cleaning a toilet doesn’t mean leaving out the wall hangings, curtains or roller blinds and any object found in the room. Thorough clean every object to ensure that the whole place is disinfected with no lingering germ going scot free. The aim is to get rid of all the harmful organisms that could be taking refuge in the tiny room awaiting any host for a higher survival rate. Don’t shift your cleaning away from the dark, tiny crevices since that is where they like most.

• One should never neglect the toilet floor while disinfecting the toilet bowl. That also makes up the toilet room and just like the toilet itself, it could be with a lot of germs. Cleaning it too helps leave the whole place smelling fresh and looking clean. However, some cleaners contain chemicals that are incompatible with the toilet floor material which is why it safe to consult an experienced professional before taking matters into your own hands. It is a bad idea to explore without thinking of its consequences.

With the above don’ts, be rest assured of a germ free zone that will get you enjoying a clean toilet all through the season. It all takes sanitation to be safe from microorganism related diseases which has claimed lives of many children and is still a big issue in today’s world. Luckily, some awareness campaigns have come up to sensitize the population on the importance of clean toilets.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Spring Cleaning Before Selling Your House

Spring cleaning the house before selling it is not only a good ethical practice; it also uplifts the value of the house. Take a few days off and clean your house well so that it acquires a fresh and a neat look. Spring cleaning is carried out the spring season in countries as the sun is bright and shiny. Though Singapore has no spring season, the metaphor stays for thorough cleaning of the house.

Some spring cleaning tips before selling your house:-

It is advised to get your floor tiles/marbles cleaned professionally. The corners and edges of the tiles should be vacuumed to draw out all the settled debris. The carpets must be steam cleaned and the wooden floors have to be treated and cleaned with wood cleaning products. Check for molds and other allergic agents and get them removed out of your vicinity.

Home walls have dust, grease, and dirt accumulated over them. Get a wall cleaner and scrub the walls squeaky clean. Moreover, if you are easy on the budget, get a fresh coat of paint done on the walls from a reliable painting agency in Singapore. The ceilings should be taken care of. If possible, get the peeling flakes and chipped paint scrubbed off the walls. While washing the walls, start from the top corners and work your way to the bottom. This way all the dripping marks can be removed while moving downwards. Also, do take care of the popcorn ceilings. People do not prefer it these days and therefore the sellers should get them removed. It could diminish the monetary value of the house.

Windows and glass:
Though your house might look clean, potential buyers could check on the window panes and the glass fittings to check for stains and dirt accumulation. Make sure to rub them clean with a good-quality glass-cleaning solution. The windows fittings should be rust free and easy to maneuver. Oil the hinges to make them easy to handle.

Ward off the stench:
There are certain corners of the house that stink. Furnaces, air conditioning vents, storage lofts, refrigerators, microwave, cleaning sink in the kitchen and bathroom. They have to be cleaned well. Use warm water and a cleaning solution to clean your microwave and refrigerator. Keep activated charcoal in the refrigerator as it draws the entire odor. Clean the drip tray. Vacuum the coils, grates, condensers and clean the vents thoroughly. Open them and leave them for a while to let odor escape. This mechanism also reduces the instance of molds and germs in the house.

Clean the bed:
Vacuum your mattresses to remove all dirt and smell. Flip them to give the mattress a better look. Open your windows and let in some fresh air. Try and get some sunlight so that the mattresses get disinfected. Clean the accumulated dust in the corners of the bed. Follow the same regime with all the mattresses in the house.

The buyer could pay extra attention to the bathroom of the house and this could be the deciding factor. Get the floor and the walls scrubbed thoroughly with a cleaning solution. Scrub the corners of the tiles where dirt might have settled and clean the floor scum. The corners of the bathroom, behind the fixtures, are often difficult to reach. Clean these areas and ensure that there is not mold present. Caulk the sink, tubs, and commodes and check for leakages. Get the leaking pipes and fixtures repaired on a priority basis. Rust clean the fixtures and fittings to give them a new look. If the drain pipes and wash basins have clogging issues, they need to be attended to as well. Clean the toilet seats and hinges properly.

Vacuum the sofas, mattress pads, mats, carpets, and curtains to remove dust, germs, molds, and allergens. A dash of sunlight is the perfect disinfecting agent. This makes the home environment healthy and positive. A clean and healthy home is always inviting and buyers will feel the positive vibes on entering you home. If the upholstery has liquids spilled on them, scrub them off. If things do not work out at home, take the help of a cleaning agent in Singapore who will clean your rugs, curtains, and sofas clean. The cleaning process starts with a good vacuuming of the upholstery. It should be followed by stain removal. Stain removing solutions are available in the market. You can make you handy solution of vinegar and water at home. Though stains are best tackled right when they happen, you can try your hand at removing them while spring cleaning. For upholstery where W or Ws is mentioned, siding is a good option. Prepare some soapy water in a bucket and take a soft cleaning brush and wipe clean your materials.

Closet, doors, and accessories:
The light fittings, fans, door knobs, and other electrical appliances that will stay in the house, should be checked and cleaned. The wardrobes and closets should be wiped clean and treated with anti-termite solutions. Get the doors and wardrobes polished to make them look neat. Oil the hinges of the door and check for rusted fittings.

Clean and polish the surface of the kitchen slabs and floors. Take special care of the corners, tiles edges, and hinges. Get a pest control treatment done if necessary. The microwave, kettles, stoves, dishwasher and other appliances in the kitchen have to be scrub cleaned with appropriate cleaning solution. A homemade solution of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice cleans of tough stains and residue on the heating appliances. Wash off the walls to remove the grease and oil. Get them painted if possible.

If the house is on the ground floor in Singapore, and you have an open area surrounding the house, get it cleaned thoroughly. The garden hedges and grass should be trimmed and the plants must be lined well. Take care to get any unwanted plantations removed. The yards must be neat and look appealing. This is the first impression the buyer will get and make sure that the entrance of the house should be attractive.

With these tips, you are sure to get your house spick and span in no time. Spring-cleaning will add an appeal to your house and make the home look comfortable and warm. Buyers will be impressed with the upkeep of your house and get ready to pay the correct price for your house.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Can We Really Use Coke As Toilet Cleaner?

Well, after toiling hard on a hot day may be the only thing that you need is a bottle of coke. But do you know that you can also clean your toilet with coke? In fact, you can do much more with this famous soda than just quenching your thirst. It might sound crazy, but it’s actually true. Because it has some acid in it, you can use it to cook a steak, make emergency oil lamp and clean the toilet. So in case your toilet has limescale stains or rings and you do not have any cleaning gear around you can actually grab a bottle of coke and use it as a toilet cleaner.

According to many people cleaning the toilet is one of the most dreaded household chores. There is nothing interesting about it but if you use this awesome drink, your messy chore will be turned into an easy task. Also, while using it, you do not have to deal with the messy chemicals. If you do not use all of it, drink the remaining portion. Remember, coke is also very cheap as it costs less than 50 cents meaning you will not have to spend a lot of money on it. But how can you clean your toilet with coke? Here are the steps,

· Take a cup of coke- Take a bottle of coke and open it. Remember you do not need a lot of it for this activity. If you have a larger bottle of coke measure only 1 cup. Coke works well as a toilet cleaner since it contains phosphoric and carbonic acid in it. These chemicals do not come from flavoring but rather from carbonization. This is why club coke and other carbonated drinks can be applied instead of coke.

· Pour it into bowl- Pour the drink around the bowl of toilet and allow it to flow over the stains that are visible. While doing this, ensure that you allow enough time for the stains to be coated with coke. Although this will appear to flow to the bottom, a small coat will remain on the stained area. However, if your stains are difficult to remove, try using an old rag of coke and then apply it by hand. Alternatively, you can use a spray container with soda if you do not want to stain your hands.

· Allow the drink to settle for sometime- After pouring coke on the stain allow it to sit o for some time. The longer you allow coke to settle on the stains the higher the chances you have of breaking down stains. In fact, it should sit for approximately one hour. But if you want to do a thorough work, allow the drink to sit on the stain overnight meaning, you should pour it before going to bed. Remember, coke is much better as a toilet cleaner than most chemical cleaners

· Flush the toilets- The acids will loosen up the buildup stains. Before flushing the toilet, you can scrub up all the stains that the coke loosened. Phosphoric acid found in coke will break down the stubborn stains. Once you are done, flush the toilet to reveal a freshly cleaned, stainless, and ring less toilet. Although natural solutions such as baking powder and vinegar can also do the trick, they cannot beat the power of coke

· Repeat the process as needed- After flushing the toilet, you will see how soda could remove much of the dirt. While soda coke really performs well for the built-up chemicals and the sort of rings that that are familiar with the toilets, it might not completely remove all the stains. You may, therefore, need to repeat the process again. This second process is very important especially if your dirt refuses to go away.

· Use a lot of scrubbing- After applying a some soda, a good old fashioned brush should do the trick. The process of brushing will further loosen the buildup stains and remove them completely once you treat them with the drink. If you are looking for best results, ensure that you brush it before using coke as a toilet cleaner.

· Use heat- Generally, it’s believed that chemical reactions sometimes occur much faster if you apply some heat. The acid reaction between coke and stains cannot be excluded. For extremely hard stains, you may heat up your coke inside a microwave before applying them. It does not have to reach the boiling point but it should be boiled enough to the touch. However, while doing this, never heat any soda or carbonated drink in a sealed containers. This can cause dangerous explosions of the liquid. Instead, pour it into safe glass and microwave it. Heating it may cause fizzing hence, make sure you wear gloves.

· Combine coke with other household cleaners- Although coke is very effective for job, it’s not the only the thing. For hard stains, ensure that you pair it up with other household solutions. For instance, mix it with vinegar and baking powder and use the concoctions to the toilet bowl and leave it for some time to settle down. However, for mold stains, try mixing hydrogen peroxide with some water in a spray bottle. You can also use the drink to brush any residual stains or scaling around the stubborn spot.

· Know when not to use coke- it’s also very important to know when using coke as a toilet cleaner is not the best choice. Remember, although it’s very much suitable for removing most mineral deposits that commonly exists in the toilets, it won’t work for stains such as grease or oil fat. More so, it’s also not good for killing germs. As a matter of fact, the sugar found in a normal coke can feed certain kinds of bacteria. Also it’s not effective for removing stains caused by dyes, inks and other pigments.


· Inform those whom you are living with ahead of time.
· Having some acid in it don’t make it dangerous to consume
· This process is not ideal for oily stains.
· You can also use soda water and other sodas for carbonation

That is how to use coke as a toilet cleaner.