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How to choose the right Part-Time Cleaner?

How to choose the right Part-Time Cleaner?

It is actually essential for you to make sure that the cleaning within your house is frequently performed and that you are offering a healthy place for your loved one to live in. Nowadays, our time is often eaten up by work, study, family and so on. We do not have enough time left to clear and clean our own commercial or residential buildings. Some of us tend to engage a part-time cleaner to clear for us.

Choosing a right cleaner to enter your commercial or residential building, you will have to consider various factors.

• Trustworthy
• Arriving on time
• Completion of job to meet your expectation
• Offer a range of cleaning services to your commercial or residential building
• Do you really need a live-in maid?

Your satisfaction is the main priority. It involves completing all the cleaning requirements or going beyond expectations. Choosing a right cleaner should be experienced that is trained and with initiative. In an event, when you engage a part-time cleaner, you will have to look for a company that is reasonably priced and effective. It is advisable to engage a part-time cleaner from a professional cleaning company as most of them will be insured and offers guarantee that their cleaner is clean from criminal records. With a part-time cleaner, cleaning options is subjected to the availability of the cleaner and your time slot. A professional cleaning which is dependable and performed will likely be intensely advantageous to you!

3 important steps before engaging a part-time cleaner:

• Take extra precaution – For safety precaution, it is advisable to photocopy her work permit and IC. Take note of her local number and company’s number that you engaged from.

• You should supervise closely for the first few weeks –You should spend some time talking and monitoring your part-time maid so your maid will be able to learn your preference way.
• Have a clear job scope – Do inform what her job scope is; she will be able to understand what she supposed to complete.

As owners may tend to provide access keys to the cleaner to ensure that the job will be done when they are not around, only trustworthy personnel ought to be allowed access. Leaving your own house to a reliable cleaner accessible to all room, might not be a huge problem if owners kept their valuable properly.

Look and seek for recommendations for part-time cleaners, request for referrals from others. NEVER HIRE illegal part-time maid, no matter how excellent she is, you are putting yourself at a risk! No one will insure your properties and part-time cleaner; you will face a heavy fine.

Look no further, Part-Time Maid Singapore is here to assist you! Search for us today, we only deploy out trustable and reliable part-time maids to your door step!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why Not To Use Illegal Part Time Cleaner

Why choosing illegal freelance part time maid is dangerous?
In the recent research, many foreign women employed as full-time maid in Singapore are illegally hiring themselves out as part-time maids. They would claim that only by hiring themselves out, they can earn more money to make ends meet and working part-time was their key motivation for staying in Singapore.

In Singapore, the law for Foreign Domestic Worker is for one employer who has applied for his/her work permit and to work part-time is strictly forbidden stated on the Work Permit with no exception. There are 3 groups of part-time maid you can find in Singapore – Those on social visit passes, employed locally as maid and local freelancers. They are mostly untrained and uninsured if they meet any mishap while providing cleaning services.

Hiring an illegal part-time maid? No matter how good her cleaning service she provides, it is still ILLEGAL! You are putting yourself at a risk of facing heavy penalties, you will be slapped with a fine, not only you, the employer and maid will be charged or fine too.
In Singapore, the law for Foreign Domestic Worker is for one employer who has applied for his/her work permit and to work part-time is strictly forbidden stated on the Work Permit with no exception. Part Time Maid Singapore provide all required proper documentation, we are responsible and accountable for all our maids. All our maids are fully insured under Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA).

Many Singaporeans got the wrong concept of legal part-time maid agency; most agencies charge expensively and collect agent free or registration fee. Many people felt that by engaging professional cleaning service, is a luxury and not worth spending. This is absolutely wrong! Although many Singaporeans are still in doubt if a cleaning service is worth spending for, there are many more advantages when you hire a professional cleaning services company.
Engaging Part Time Maid Singapore, the benefits can outweigh the cost.

Two main benefits are:
1. Protecting your property
Honesty is the main factor when engaging any unknown person to assist you. With trainings and talks with our maids, we only deploy out honest and quality maids to maintain your house.
2. Saving your time
It is beneficial for a busy person to hire a cleaning service. You want to maintain the cleanliness and at the same time without wasting your time. Professional cleaning service company will take care of all your requirements.

We understand the value of time and you deserve to spend more time with your loved ones. We clean your house so it saves you the trouble! You might want to consider hiring Part Time Maid Singapore assist you.

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