Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why Professional Cleaning Company?

Why Professional Cleaning Company?

Cleanliness is something we have to do daily as this will ensure that it will keep us healthy, productive and it looks tidy. Cleaning however can take up a huge amount of time and will hamper many of our productive time be it at home or at work. Here are a few reasons why a professional cleaning company could be one of your considerations for both home and work.

Like it is mentioned above, hiring a professional cleaning company will ensure that you will free up time for more important things. Having a family at home and a work at the office is demanding on an working adult, thus it is important to free up time for your family and your children. This could benefit not only you as an adult by spending a huge portion of time with the people you care, but research has also shown that it aid in the development of your children and ensure that kinship is highly valued in a hectic lifestyle in Singapore environment. Knowing your children is closer to you also ensure that there are lesser unnecessary leave you have to take to meet up with the school for a complaining session which could just bag that promotion you are eyeing for.

A cleaning company is also inexpensive depending on the things that require their attention. A general clean-up once or twice a week in a normal HDB flat will not pinch too much off your pay-check while ensuring you have a comfortable home to return to. This also saves money from all those cleaning injuries which you may sustain as a sedentary worker like you take on such a challenging task of cleaning up the whole house over the weekend. All the money that is potentially spent nursing those injury could be better channeled to make your life more fruitful with a professional cleaning company holding down the fort on cleaning for you.

The next thing a cleaning company is useful is to keep everyone healthy. A professional cleaning company would usually have a certain amount of years of experience including a wide expertise on what product is suitable for an office or a home. This will ensure that your family is not only kept safe from harmful virus and bacteria lying around the house due to a lack of cleaning, but also make sure that the chosen cleaning agents are suitable for daily or weekly use and that it itself will not harm the people coming into contact with the environment.

Lastly, the above factors can also come from having a residential maid but a professional cleaning company ensures that you are given the privacy and space you need. A cleaning company usually come in and does the job while you are at yours and leave before you are back. Moreover, if you are either unsatisfied or disapprove of a certain cleaner, you may do a request with the company and more often than not, this could be arranged.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Do We Need To be At Home When House Cleaning Service?

Do We Need To be At Home When House Cleaning Service?

In today's busy economy, more and more homeowners are turning to professional cleaning services for their home. Although they can manage their time well enough to squeeze in a couple of hours to clean their carpeted rooms or curtains and walls, it still makes sense to hire professionals at least once a year to do a thorough job that ordinary domestic cleaning appliances cannot handle.

Before we proceed to hire professionals, we need to do some basic shopping. With print advertisements, online advertisements, word of mouth recommendations and many other forms of publicity, how do we choose a good, affordable and reliable cleaning agency? Do we need to be home when a cleaning service starts? What contractual obligations and limitations do we have to bear in mind if anything goes wrong during the cleaning?

Read on to find out:

The flip answer to the difficult question of whether we should be home when cleaning starts is: Yes, but not necessarily. It is definitely good to have someone home to supervise and monitor the cleaning activities. It does not have to be you or anyone who is too busy to stay home for a few hours.
But matters can be more complicated in your household situation. Who should be appointed to be present? Ideally, you or the main owners of your home should be the people taking charge of the cleaning administration. But you or the other decision makers may not be able to take half a day of annual leave or time off just to be around.

Great if there someone monitoring the cleaning work. This person will make sure that the cleaning professionals know what to do, what to avoid, what special needs or requests you have, what hidden dangers or difficulties lurk in your home, and whether their progress is meeting with expectations.
Just remember that being present to supervise the workers does not give us any reason to impede or distract them! Here are some do’s and don’ts to make the cleaning work smooth and pleasant for both parties:

1.    DO be precise and firm on what work should be done, and what to be meticulous about.
2.    DON’T be uncertain or change your mind as the work progresses, making the workers undo or redo things just because you were unclear or undecided about earlier.
3.    DO be courteous and diplomatic when barking orders and requests at all times.
4.    DO make sure that all chargeable fees and terms of service are clear and understood BEFORE the work starts, to avoid possible disputes or misunderstandings.
5.    DON’T block the way when monitoring, and DON’T make a nuisance of yourself by fussing over temporary messes that are inevitable when professionals use bulky equipment.
6.    Finally, DO make casual conversation and small talk with the cleaners before and after the work is done!

Hope you will be a happy employer of cleaning services with these tips, and may your home be clean, tidy, dust free and a joy to dwell in!

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Benefits of Part Time Maid

There are many Cleaning Services in Singapore which provides a comprehensive range of residential as well as office cleaning services. They provide convenient assistance to busy working people, to meet the needs of various households. People preferred to have weekly general house cleaning on a regular basis. The cleaners are trained and certified in domestic cleaning.

Having part time maid really helps when you want to rest & relax after a hard day's work & spending time with your family instead of having to do housework.  One can expect a reliable long term services from these part timers. Full timer maids are helpful when you are having young children. But if you are working mother and sending them to child care you will get subsidy in the fees. Children will definitely learn more when spending their time with same age group children. 

Having full timer maid means you are bound to many responsibilities such as her health, food as well as many daily needs. It’s not only her salary but employer needs to pay levy to government as well. Most important, having full timer maid means you loss the privacy as she is going to stay 24/7 with you. Part timers generally come, finish your house chores that have been told and off she go. Basically, there is minimum communication between part-time maids.

However, you have to consider the mental wellbeing of your full timer.  Sometimes these full time maids might face family problems in their native country which may affect their quality of work. With part timers you don’t need to think about their family or any other personal matter.

You have to face big hesitation when it comes about leaving for a holiday. Whether to engage a domestic helper with you or leaving her behind at home alone? When you are having grown up children especially boys they don’t feel free if taking every time with you. You don’t have to think all these stuff when having a part time maid.

Keeping your office clean can be a tedious, time consuming task. Sometimes, employees are tasked to clean the office; it may affect their overall productivity at work. In the recent years, offices are seeking help from professional cleaning company as it saves time and the hassle of doing it themself. Part time maids are on growing demand in small businesses/offices. 

It’s always good to stay active but after certain age, it is good if have some physical help in house chore. The work which can be done with having part time maid why have full timer maid? So having part time help you can spend more quality time with your family, make new friends, keep fit, take up some classes or write a book. Get one part timer and explore the hidden talent in you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Laundry & Dry Cleaning in Singapore

With the growing affluence of Singaporeans and increasingly busy schedules, laundry pickup and delivery service is gradually becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.   The growing affluence of the population means people are able and more willing to afford better quality clothing, household items and travel more.  This translates to a greater need for laundry services as better quality fabrics – be it fashion apparels, drapery, bedding, household items, winter wear – all require tender loving care from quality and trusted laundry experts. 

Another phenomenon leading to the rising popularity of laundry pickup and delivery service is the influx of foreign talent.  A large proportion of the foreign professionals working here live alone in small apartments and are likely to require convenient laundry services.

In addition, the rise of the Generation Y population is Singapore will also contribute to the demand of this service.  This Generation of the population is less likely to perform domestic tasks and are very adept home shoppers.  They engage in a lot of online purchases and hence, will more likely prefer the pickup and delivery laundry service as opposed to having to do the laundry themselves or having to take the items to the laundry shops.

A laundry pickup and delivery service is very convenient as we generally face busy and stressful schedules coping with work, family and other chores at home.  They can save a lot of time by conveniently letting someone else do work – be it normal washing and ironing or for items requiring specialized tender loving care.  Why spend time on washing, ironing and folding laundry when there is always something else better to do with your valuable time? Use the time to rest, re-energize yourself, and engage in sports and leisure activities or just bond with loved ones and friends.

For people who do not drive or own a car, having to carry bags full of items to and from the laundry shop can be a mammoth task.  Having to lug the load of laundry on the constantly crowded public transport, or having to pay for a taxi ride just to take the laundry to and from a laundry shop can be a stressful, frustrating and expensive task. Furthermore, laundry shops are generally not in the heart of housing developments and especially for residents of private estates and high-end residential areas, a door-step pick-up and delivery service is especially essential, or, one might say ‘god-sent’. 

With a laundry pickup and delivery service, all you have to do is to arrange for pickup and delivery at a time most convenient to you and everything will be done without lifting a finger or stepping out of your home!  Absolutely hassle-free and time-saving – just put your dirty laundry in a bag and they come back professionally cleaned, pressed and nicely packaged!

Monday, July 2, 2012

What is Laundry Dry Cleaning?

What is Laundry Dry Cleaning?

Laundry drying cleaning is a process of using chemicals to clean the clothes. The word “dry” actually indicates the use of chemicals without water consumption. The chemicals used may contain harmful substances to the body so careful use of them should be observed. However, more environmentally cautious dry cleaning agents are being used now in the market.

People usually send their delicate clothes only for dry cleaning or clothes with lots of embellishments that cannot be washed easily with water and laundry detergents. Tuxedos, night gowns are popular dry cleaning items as they are worn with care and wringing of them is thus avoided that will damage the quality of such garments.

The process of dry cleaning goes like this:
First of all, clothes are placed in a dry cleaning washing machine using solvents for dry cleaning. Therefore the process is not completely dry but no water used instead.
Next, the clothes start to roll inside like normal clothes washing but with dry air directed into them to further cleaning them with care.

The dry cleaning process can be repeated for hard to manage clothes or stains that are still remained in the first run of it. So every time, the dry cleaning solvent will mix with clothes and slowly vaporized while clothes are being tended inside the dry cleaning machine.

Dry cleaning is meant to be used for prolonging the life span of your delicate clothes. Thus fading of colors and shrinking of clothes should not happen for any dry cleaning processes.

When customers collect their dry cleaning items, those clothes are covered with plastic to protect them but usually we are not told to remove them when we bring them home. These plastic covers accumulate moisture actually and the smell of the dry cleaning solvent may remain in it causing the clothes to fade in colors. After that, much care should be taken to hang them with more expensive hangers such as those solid curved oak or wood hangers contoured to keep your clothes long-lasting.

The discovery of dry cleaning method has a very interesting story; it was actually found by accident by a Frenchman in the 19th century. When this Frenchman, Mr. Jean Baptiste Jolly, first saw his clothes covered with kerosene by his maid unintentionally, instead of fearing the damage of the clothes, the spilled kerosene miraculously restored the clothes with amazing cleaning quality. Later on, the dry cleaning process and solvents used undergone several stages that slowly become what we have now in our modern society.

Nowadays, safer dry cleaning agents such as diluted carbon dioxide are used to protect our environment instead. So the frequent use of such dry cleaning solvents is not an issue for green lovers anymore.