Saturday, September 22, 2012

Reasons Why Singaporean Are Moving To Part Time Maid Service

Reasons Why Singaporean Are Moving To Part Time Maid Service

The choice of perusing the services of either part time maids or full time maids has always been an economic problem at its core. The very fact that someone chooses to hire a maid means that he or she perceives the benefits of hiring a maid, which is mainly the freed up time to pursue other activities instead of spending the time cleaning the house outweighs the cost of hiring the maid, which is the economic cost of the maid. Following from this cost versus benefit analysis, there seems to be a slight bias towards part time maids over full time maids.

The first and most obvious reason is that the economic cost of hiring a part time maid is lower than a full time maid. The most explicit cost is the monetary cost of the maid, the wage, accommodation and food. Evidently, if the maid works part time you only pay her per hourly rate or a fixed amount. However if the maid is full time, you have to pay her more, as she is available round the clock, you have to feed her and have a room for her to stay in your house as well. All these are extra costs incurred. Next, is the more subtle cost, which is the higher propensity for the full time maid to have misconducts or breach of contract.

Generally speaking, based on history, a full time maid has a higher probability of stealing possessions from the employers’ house and running away. Also, they may have higher probability of getting impregnated and forced to be deported back to their home country and discontinue their work. Of course, these are just generalizations but there seems to be a higher number of these cases occurring with full time maids rather than part time maids. Also, greater costs may be incurred in installing CCTVs to monitor the house in the event that the employer does not trust the full time maid.

The next reason is that part time maids are more efficient compared to their full time counterparts. Broadly speaking, most part time maids are experienced full time maids who have been cleaning the houses for years and know what way to best clean the house. Furthermore, owing to the nature of their work, a fixed amount of time spent cleaning the house, they are to fully maximize the time spent in order to clean the house thoroughly to the employer’s standard, whereas the full time maids have the leisure of more time to do so, which may lead to complacency and inefficiency.

Thirdly, due to the changing societal and family structures, most families do not maximize their spending in a full time maid. Young families now do not have too many children to look after and their main concern is the cleanliness of the house. Furthermore, most young people are putting off marriage and children which results in a decline in the need for a full time maid.

In conclusion, there seems to be more advantages to hiring a part time maid. However, the choice should ultimately be made to be customized and suit the employers’ needs.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Domestic House Cleaning – A Need More Than A Must

Domestic House Cleaning – A Must More Than A Need

Home should be a place of rest and relaxation after a hard day’s work for the modern career man or woman. Unfortunately, more often than not, there is no such luxury. Housekeeping is a necessity and a neglected household inevitably loses its warmth and comfort. Eating out of take-away boxes and accumulation of dust and grime are sure signs of a lifestyle that is lacking in care.

No matter how much we hope for it, household chores do not do themselves. And we cannot always rely on inanimate robots, machines and other technologies to do proper dusting, cleaning and cooking. What we CAN do, however, is to get a pair of helping hands. Domestic help is a brilliant solution to your housekeeping woes and frustrations.

And yes, employing a live-in maid may not be suitable for everyone. Some lack the living space, some wish for privacy, some simply want to avoid the hassle of paperwork and preparation. We understand that letting a complete stranger live in your house may be a daunting thought. But employing a live-in domestic helper is pass. Increasingly, families are relying on part-time maids to fulfill their household needs. Not only can you skip the tedium of having an additional person living under your roof, part-time maids are assigned to suit your specific needs. Being temporary aids, their capabilities are assessed and are carefully matched to your household, based on what you and your family require. If you have a party to prepare for and need an excellent cook, we will recommend domestic helpers who are equipped with culinary skills. Need a nanny to look after your children? We will assign someone experienced in the care of children. If you need someone adept in ironing, dusting or washing, we will find you the perfect fit.

Part-time maids are employed based on an hourly rate, and for cleaning services, rates are also dependent on the size of your house. Based on the size of your residence, we will recommend employing more than one part-time maid for maximum efficiency. You may engage the part-time maid once a week, twice a week or on an everyday basis depending on your personal preference.

Services on weekends and public holidays are understandably costlier but still affordable at an additional $20 per session. During our peak period in January, a 20% surcharge is included.
If any accidents are to occur during the course of housecleaning in your house, the maid will be insured by the company's insurance protection.  All part-time maids are given the proper and necessary training to give you the quality service you need.

 In this way, we serve as a reliable agent between our part-time maids and our clients. However, we do not believe in charging agent fees or registration fees on top of the cost of the service.
Do note that all cleaning products and cleaning materials are to be provided by clients. However, arrangements for cleaning materials can be made with us at an additional charge.

Domestic help does not necessarily include heavy paperwork and uncomfortable changes to your present lifestyle.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Where To Find Trained Part Time Cleaners In Singapore?

Where To Find Trained Part Time Cleaners In Singapore?

Due to the fast pace life in Singapore’s society, more and more people are finding it hard to have a work life balance as they are increasingly spending more time at work. To add on to the workload which they already have, people return home to find their house dirty or messy, which means time out of work has to be spent on cleaning their house and doing household chores. This causes people to try and leverage time by employing maids and cleaners to do the house cleaning and household chores for them, leaving them with more time to pursue their leisure activities and time for rest.

Despite the growing affluence in Singapore allowing people to employ full time maids, many people do not believe that the benefits of employing full time maids outweigh the costs of doing so. Thus, in recent times, people are finding innovative ways of finding a balance of costs, benefits and time saving strategy in the form of employing part time cleaners.

Part time cleaners offer the flexibility of cost and time as they get paid according to the number of hours they spend cleaning, normally being anywhere between 4 to 8 hours. This differs significantly from full time maids as they stay at your house, consume your food and still get paid doing so. Also, you have the option of choosing when to employ their services whenever you need them, and you can set a fixed repeated time, say weekly or monthly for them to go to your house and clean it. Furthermore, part time cleaners usually do many part time cleaning jobs, meaning to say they are probably experienced in cleaning a wide variety of houses and different kinds of cleaning jobs. Being so, they are pretty experienced cleaners and usually efficient in cleaning as well due to the short period of time they are employed to clean at each house.

After weighing the pros and cons of the various options available and deciding upon employing the services of part time cleaners, the next question will be to ask where to find trained part time cleaners in Singapore? You will want to hire trained and professional part time cleaners who will do a good job of cleaning your house. So where do you find them?

Well, it is generally easy to find trained part time cleaners. The first place you can find them is at Maid Company. With over 700 companies, there is no problem finding one trustable company and you can be rest assured of the quality of part time cleaners they will have. Another way of doing so is by word of mouth, whereby your friends or relatives recommend a reliable and seasoned part time cleaner to you.

With recommendations by people you trust, you can have assurance of the quality of the clean job as well.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Who will be responsible should the part time maid injured herself during her course of work?

Who will be responsible should the part time maid injured herself during her course of work?

Domestic helpers are indeed a great help to families, they alleviate the otherwise heavy workload of the women of the house, especially if she is holding a full time job.  Part-time domestic helpers are adept in cleaning the house as well as your precious belongings at home e.g. furniture, equipment etc.  With their experience, they would also sometimes be able to advise the employers on how to maintain the house. 

Whilst the work of part-time domestic helpers within a home are generally safe, at times they may expose themselves to risks e.g. when cleaning windows in high rise buildings or cleaning anything that requires them to climb the ladders e.g. cleaning ceiling lights or tall cabinets.  They may fall from heights, within the house e.g. from ladders or they may slip and fall on slippery grounds as they go about washing the house.  There is also a possible risk of part-time domestic helpers being beaten by pets when cleaning their cages.

Who will be responsible should the part-time domestic helper injure herself in the course of her work? Although as an employer you should keep your home safe from possible mishaps, the part-time domestic helper is also responsible to exercise the necessary care as to not harming herself in anyway when performing her work, as an employer could not be assisting or supervising her at most times.  If you have enlisted the help of a free-lance domestic helper who is likely to be those who are ex-foreign domestic helpers or foreign housewives who need the extra income, on an ad hoc basis, then you would unlikely have spelt out the terms and conditions when engaging them.  In the event of injury arising from doing domestic work at your home, the issue of whose liability and who to bear the medical expenses would become an issue to grapple with.  

However, if you have employed the part-time domestic helper from a reputable company, and signed a contract with them, the company not only ensures that the helpers provide reliable and responsible services, the rights and obligations would also have been clearly spelt out. Further, such company should have already bought the necessary insurance to cover the domestic helper in the unfortunate event of mishaps.  This is similar to the case of employing a full time foreign domestic worker (FDW), where an employer is required by the Ministry of Manpower to purchase personal accident insurance policy for the FDW.

Engaging a domestic helper is to help you and not to give you more problems.  So to avoid the unfortunate event of part-time domestic helpers injuring themselves whilst cleaning your home and you needing to be involved in the tussle of who should be liable for the medical expenses etc., engage part-time domestic helper from a company that has already covered the domestic helpers with the appropriate insurance.  In this way, you can go on with your daily work, business or activities with your worries laid to rest so that you can face each day with renewed strength and peace of mind.