Wednesday, March 26, 2014

6 Important Tips On Rug Cleaning

6 Important Tips On Rug Cleaning

We all know that rugs can brighten up a room in a home, provide comfort and warmth, reduce noise, and soften falls and slips. But if you have pets and kids in your home, your area rugs can get dirty rather quickly. It is essential to clean them regularly since things like dust mites or microbes, if they gather on them, may cause illness and diseases. Luckily, keeping rugs in great condition is very simple if you follow several easy tips.

Top tips for rug cleaning

1. Vacuum your area rugs regularly
Vacuuming rugs will help get rid of dust, hair and fur. For this, you can use an upright vacuum cleaner with the rotating brushbar on. This will agitate the rug fibers to eliminate more dust and other loose particles. If you have a delicate carpet, you may opt to turn the rotating brushbar off before starting to vacuum. Try to vacuum the surface about once or twice every week. It is also important to flip the rugs over & vacuum the reverse sides every few weeks.

2. Wash rugs on a regular basis
Many homeowners only think of cleaning their rugs when visible dirt or stains appear. To prolong their life, it is important to wash rugs, even if the surface looks clean. Usually, dirt & grit that gets into your house (as people walk in) tend to drop between the rug fibers. Some of it lodges there and cannot be reached by a vacuum cleaner.

As people walk across the rugs, the dirt is pushed further into the fiber, damaging and even fraying it.The most effective way to remove any embedded dirt from rugs is to wash them at least once every 6 months with a carpet washer. Always test a small section of the rug before washing to determine its colorfast.

3. Deal with spills right away
To prevent accidental spillage becoming a nasty stain, it is important to remove it immediately. You can suck up spills using a carpet washer, or if you don’t have one around, cover spills with a white cotton towel, a hand tool or some kitchen roll sheets. Gently dab the towel to soak up the liquid, while working the spill from the outside toward the middle. Do not wipe the spill as that will only drive it down into your rug.

4. Choose right cleaning products 
Choosing the right detergent, soap or other cleaning products is important for removing stains, dust, bacteria and microbes located on your rug. Generally, there are two options when it comes to area rug cleaning products: you can purchase products that are specifically designed for rugs, or else prepare your own cleaning product at home.

If you have a rather expensive, unique kind of rug and are probably unsure of what products are right to use to clean it, it is recommended to purchase professional products. Be sure, however, to test the detergent on small areas of the rug before using it to clean your carpet! For other rugs, you can mix warm water with a mild liquid soap to make a cleaning solution. This can be more affordable than buying detergent from your local store, especially if you’re cleaning several rugs.

5. Steam your rugs to remove odor
You can use a steam mop to refresh & sanitize your carpets or area rugs. These devices often come with a carpet glider attachment which fits over the pad, allowing one to move it with ease over the rug. You should, however, avoid using too much steam since this will get your rug too wet. A couple of blasts across the rug surface are enough to kill bacteria as well as neutralize odors. Before starting to steam, always test on the corner the rug to check it’s colorfast.

6. Dry your rugs completely
Once you’re done washing your area rugs, make sure they dry out again quickly else they may get mildew or even get a bad odor. If you use a modern carpet washer, you may not have so much work to do in order to dry your carpet as it has a very powerful suction that sucks much of the liquid out . Consequently, your rugs will dry quickly. You can help speed up the drying process by opening windows or using a fan.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Why You Should Use Our Move Out Cleaning Services

Why You Should Use Our Move Out Cleaning Services 

If you moving out but you don't have the time to clean, we are here to provide move out cleaning services that that will leave every part of your house clean. Give us the work and continue worrying about other important things that you have to do with your time. We will clean everything; the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, hallways and all living areas. When our work is complete, everything will be left clean. Here is what we do when you hire us for a move out cleaning service;

1. The bathroom
We will clean and disinfect everything in the bathroom. The cabinets will be cleaned inside out. Tubs, tiles and chrome will be cleaned thoroughly and left shining. The mirrors and shower door tracks will be wiped clean. Toilets and sinks will be scrubbed and left shinning. When the cleaning work in the bathroom comes to an end, your bathroom will be as good as new.

2. The Kitchen
People usually notice how dirty their kitchen was when they are moving out. We clean all appliances and cabinets in side out. The tops of all kitchen items will be wiped clean. All the trash that you did not have time to dispose will be disposed. The sink and floor will be scrubbed and left shining. Also, all the dust on ceiling fans, switches, lights, and any other component in the kitchen will be removed. After our cleaners are done cleaning, you will only feel the smell of freshness when you get in the kitchen.

3. The bedrooms
Everything present in the bedroom will be dusted and washed if necessary. The mirrors will be wiped clean and dried. Fingerprints on switch plates, windows, door frames and all woodwork will be wiped off. The carpet and the underside of the bed will be thoroughly vacuumed to remove all the dirt. The blinds will be dusted and widow sills wiped. When the cleaners finish cleaning your bedrooms, they will be left looking neat and tidy.

4. The Hallways
The fingerprint on all door frames, woodwork and switch plates will be washed off. The picture frames will be thoroughly dusted. The windows will be wiped clean. The floor will be washed and vacuumed. The baseboards will also be washed down.

5. The living areas
Ceiling fans, lights, blinds and all other components that have dust will be thoroughly dusted. Wall decorations, light switches, picture frames, doors, window sills will be also be dusted and wiped. All the pieces of furniture will be cleaned. The couch and cushions will be dusted and vacuumed. At the end of the cleaning session, the floor, the walls, the windows and every other component present in the living areas will be sparkling clean.

Therefore, if you are looking for move out cleaning services in Singapore, do not hesitate to call us. We are fast, efficient and punctual in our work. When you hire us, you are guaranteed that you will get the best move out cleaning services. This is because we always strive to give our clients the best service possible. Call us today.