Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Spring Cleaning During the Holidays - Tips & Tricks

If you have been working for quite something, you probably need to go for a holiday and have a piece of mind with your family, relatives, and friends. Well, if your holiday coincide with the spring season, then you must be very lucky because the weather is cool, enjoyable, and plentiful of vitamin D. In other words, spring is the time that everything springs back to life and flourish. During this season, expect to receive visitors on a regular basis. Of great concern is how you maintain a healthful environment in your house for both your visitors and family members. In this regard, your house should always be clean. 

As stated in the introductory section, you must be ready to give your house a top-to-bottom buffing experience. Therefore, your appliances, carpeting, and furnishings should be spring-cleaned. Now, the big challenge is how to achieve the above objective. Ideally, during holidays, spring-cleaning seem like a lot of work to many people. However, if you are aware of some outstanding tips and tricks, then you are more likely to find the activity of tidying your house quite enjoyable and satisfying.

If spring cleaning has been a challenge to you, you need not worry as this article unveils amazing tips and tricks on how to make it easier and better. Without further ado, the following are eminent:

#1. Air our mats and rugs
During spring holidays, you are more likely to receive more visitors. In other words, there is a high traffic of people entering/leaving living room(s). In most cases, mats and rugs are placed at high traffic areas that attract a wide range of house-pollutants that seem not easy to vacuum it away. One of the outstanding tip and trick of getting rid of such strange odors and smell in rugs or mats is by airing it out in the sun. As a matter of fact, sunlight is one of the natural disinfectant that removes all the dirt and smell. In addition, a quick blow in the breeze outside your house will definitely make your mat/rugs properly aerated. 

#2. Always disinfect the disposal drain
Besides the living room, another key busy area in a house during spring holiday is of course, the kitchen. The garbage disposal and kitchen can be a breeding ground for odors and bacteria, which is a potential of causing diseases and ailments. Therefore, this area should be kept clean at all times. In order to keep your kitchen clean, it is advisable that you use disinfectants recommended for cleaning such special areas. If your budget is a bit tight, you need not buy expensive washing chemicals/disinfectants; you can make your own disposal deodorizer with a collection of few items that can be found locally in your kitchen (salt, lemon, and ice cubes). 

#3. Clean and/or replace shower curtains
It has been realized that most people overlook the idea of washing washroom curtains. Indeed, shower curtains usually collect a lot of mildew and soap scum over the holiday period. Similarly, an untidy curtain poses the danger of contracting diseases. It is advisable that curtains need to be cleaned on a regular basis. You can wash it using disinfectants and other commercial washing agents. Otherwise, you can consider replacing it altogether when its time is up.

#4. Home store for lost and found
Ideally, at every household, some items are not used quite often. These include miscellaneous items such as stray buttons, screws and tools, pen caps, small batteries, and many more. As a matter of fact, these items are things that makes your house look untidy and disorganized. An outstanding idea in case is to create or designate a spot in your house for putting such loose items.

#5. Clean your beddings regularly
Probably, before spring begins, you had been using items such as blankets, comforters, and pillows on your bed. In most cases, these items are not cleaned on daily basis. However, during the springtime, especially when you are at your holiday, you need to air out your beddings after a long winter when you had been in a closed-up home. As such, you are advised to take all your beddings outside and hang them on the clothesline for a day. 

#6. Cleaning sticky utensils and other containers
As stated in the earlier sections, you will be receiving more visitors, which means you will be doing more of cooking. Your utensils will include plastics and other sticky cutleries. Ideally, washing such food containers is quite challenging; you must have realized a situation where you have washed them and still smell as before. What can you do in such a case? Well, there is an easy way to get rid of such smelly sticky plastic food containers. One of the amazing idea is purely locally available solution; you just get one tablespoonful of baking soda and then use it as a detergent. For better results, you are advised to wash such utensils using hot water. Indeed, baking soda neutralizes the stinky food smell on your plastics for good. 

#7. Cleaning the refrigerator coils
Refrigerator is one of the home appliances that is extensively used during when you are in holiday as well as during spring season. Therefore, the above home machine should be working properly, and it achieves only if it is well maintained and cleaned. Unfortunately, there’re some spots in a fridge that is out of sight as well as out of mind-coils. Indeed, it is highly recommended that you checked these coils at least once in a year just to keep the appliance running throughout the entire seasons. 

Therefore, spring-cleaning should include refrigerator cleaning. Once the coils are clean, then be rest assured that your spring holiday will be like no other. 


The list of tips or tricks for spring-cleaning during the holidays is just endless. However, if you follow the aforementioned tips and tricks to the latter, cleaning will become a hobby as well as mechanism for improving your living at home. In addition, you are advised to use locally available resources if your finances are quite limited. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

16 Highly Effective Spring Cleaning Tips You Can Use in 2016

Spring is festival season in Singapore and not only is there a big possibility of visitors to your home and parties but this is also the time when you might have some days off. This is an excellent opportunity to clean up and organize some areas of your home. You might also want to hire someone to help you clean up around your home if the task seems daunting to you. Before you start, the following are some very helpful spring cleaning tips which you should take into account for a cleaner home and faster cleanup.

1. Keep your home basically clean and organized always. Despite spring cleaning being the best time to organize and clean up your home, you should still try to make an effort to organize and keep your house clean everyday. Most people feel tired after their daily jobs and only find them to sweep the floor and wipe surfaces during the weekends.

2. If you are going to hire someone to help clean your place, check out cleaning services in the city which your friends have used or come highly recommended. Reputable firms take special care when it comes to hiring their workers and train them for all sorts of situations and cleaning tasks. This is a case where paying more may be more beneficial for you in terms of avoiding theft and being taken advantage of.

3. It is important to plan your cleaning strategy before you start. Clear your daily schedule according to how extensive the work might be. Spread your cleaning plan through several days because an extensive cleanup cannot be achieved in one day. Set aside a few days for cleaning and organizing.

4. Get your cleaning materials and paraphernalia ready. It would be such a waste of time to continually go out to buy cleaning supplies when you have already started cleaning. Here is a list of cleaning materials that you should have on hand:

- all around vacuum cleaner
- duster/microfiber mitt/ sponges
- rubber gloves
- large pail
- squeegee
- trash bags/liners/bins
- cleanser/ surface scrub
- heavy duty hand brush/ scrubber/ toilet bowl brush
- dust wipes
- bleach
- glass cleaner
- furniture polish/ leather care solution/ furniture shampoo
- broom
- dustpan
- mop
- toilet bowl cleaner
- baking soda
- mold remover
- ladder

5. Remove unnecessary clutter from one area at a time and organize these according to need. Not all clutter should be thrown out but they should not be left out in the open also. Assess which you should keep and which to give away. If something is destroyed or damaged, it may be best to dispose of it responsibly instead of trying to give it away to a charity or organization. Know when something is useless or useful.

6. Get new and more efficient appliances when you can. Sometimes we make do with our old, inefficient appliances because of time and financial constraints as well as sentiment. It may be more cost efficient to get a new unit than to keep on using a dangerous and damaged one. When cleaning appliances, please remove their plugs from wall sockets to avoid electrocution and other injuries.

7. Organize your closet. Although Singapore sits pretty close to the equator, you may have some winter clothes taking up some space in your closet. It may be best to wash heavy clothing for colder times according to their instructions, put them in a vacuum bag or box and store them in the attic or a storeroom. Space is a premium in Singapore and attics or storerooms may not be readily available so you can store the vacuum bag under your bed instead.

8. Clean from the top to the bottom. When dusting or wiping, it is best to start from the top since debris and dust will settle or fall to the bottom. The accumulated debris and dust can be swept or vacuumed afterwards. In the same way, start cleaning from the inside going out. Start with innermost rooms or areas and eventually make your way to the door or outside.

9. Don't forget to clean air vents, louvers, HVAC units and windows properly. Since it is spring, allergens abound in the environment and it is important to remove any accumulated dust in the units that provide ventilation and air to your house. Extensive cleaning of the HVAC unit is done better by professional cleaners. Allow your unit to dry (if you are doing the task yourself) before turning it on. If it is still wet and you turn it on, the dust that comes with the air will stick to the wet areas and turn to mud.

10. Change your curtains and drapes regularly. These trap dust better than anything else in your home because these are usually placed in windows and open spaces. Although they help to filter out the dust that enter your home, they can also store dust and expel these when they are moved. If you are doing the washing, rinse out the dust first before washing the curtains and drapes with soap. This will prevent a possible muddy accumulation in your washing machine.

11. Wax your floors so the dust will just sit on top of the waxed surface and be easier to sweep or vacuum out. Follow instructions on applying the wax and buffing floors. A coating of wax protects wooden floors from damage and water seepage from spills. Take care when buffing too well because shiny floors can be slippery ones.

12. Take time to personally clean your expensive items yourself. You might be tempted to breeze your way through a shelf full of crystal figurines with a large and bulky duster; don't! Take time to clean each individual item; gently brush the crevasses free of dust and wipe broad surfaces with a microfiber cloth. Handle these gently and carefully. There may be special cleaners for the kind of material each object is made of. If you have hired someone to help you clean, and you do not mind them handling your expensive things, give explicit instructions regarding the objects' care.

13. Carpets and wooden floors need extra special care. You might have to bring your expensive rugs and carpets to a professional cleaner if there are stains and debris on them. Do not try to clean these out yourself if you do not have any idea how. Wooden floors often get nicks and gouges from heavy foot traffic. There are special ways of removing shallow damage and restoring the shine of your wooden floors. Deep gouges might need expert care and attention.

14. Beds and other upholstered furniture will benefit from a thorough vacuuming every spring or every couple of months. Sometimes you may be too tired or lazy to thoroughly vacuum these items weekly and they may have accumulated dust, debris and even small bugs. These contribute to respiratory issues and exacerbate allergies.

15. Read instructions before trying out new cleaning supplies and appliances. Some supplies are toxic and harmful if they come in contact with your skin. Please take the precaution of getting to know the cleansers that you use before even opening the containers. Some vacuum cleaners also have special attachments and functions which you might need to get used to. If your vacuum is new, ask a sales clerk to show you how the functions work before having it delivered to your home.

16. Your safety is the priority when cleaning your home. Wear protective gear such as industrial grade gloves, face mask and thick sturdy clothing when doing extensive cleaning. Tie your hair up if it is long or use a bandana to cover it. Lift heavy objects the proper way and do not use a rickety ladder or stool to reach high places. Instruct hired help regarding the right way to use materials and

These are some very useful and effective tips for spring cleaning in 2016. Always bear in mind that if the task seems difficult or too much, there are several cleaning companies in the country that can do the cleaning for you.

Friday, October 23, 2015

4 Companies That Never Charge Agent Fees for Part Time Cleaning Services

When you want to clean your home or office building, you can consider hiring a professional cleaning service. You can find a lot of types of cleaning service companies in Singapore today. However, not all of these companies can provide the best service for all customers. You also need to be careful with some companies that have agent fees in their services. These agent fees can be very expensive for most people today. This article is going to show you top 4 companies that never charge agent fees for their part time cleaning services. They have a lot of reliable services for all customers these days.

1. Auntie Cleaner

It is one of the most popular cleaning service companies in Singapore today. When you want to select one stop solution for any types of cleaning services in Singapore, you can choose this Auntie Cleaner company. You should not worry about its service quality, when you choose this reliable, dependable, trusted, and also proven company. There are some great services that are provided by this company, including spring cleaning, laundry cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, part time maid, and many other useful services. You can select the best option that is good for your needs.

When you want to hire part time cleaners for your properties, you should consider hiring this company today. This cleaning service company has some affordable cleaning services for all customers. There is no additional fee for the registration or agent fee. This is another benefit that is provided by this cleaning service company. Auntie Cleaner is ready for 24 hours a day for supporting all customers' needs. When you need to clean your home or office building easily, you can contact this company today. There are many good reviews about this company and its cleaning services.


2. @bsolute Cleaning

You are able to have absolute cleaning service when you contact this service today. This is the first part time maid, carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, and also aircon cleaning solution for all homeowners. Absolute Cleaning has some professional part time cleaners. These cleaners have a lot of experience in this industry. They are able to help you clean your properties easily and quickly. This company has a lot of experience in dealing with any customers in Singapore today. Therefore, it is ready to help you solve any problems with your cleaning service process easily. You can rely on the service quality from this company today.

When you want to choose the best cleaning service company with instant result, you can consider visiting this company. @bsolute Cleaning is ready to send its professional part time cleaners to your home immediately. You can simply contact this company for booking an appointment with this cleaning service company. There is no agent fee that is included in its cleaning service rates. You can visit its official website to learn more about its services and rates. This cleaning service company is well-known for its affordable services for all customers these days.


3. E Home Services

Are you looking for the best and reliable part time cleaning service in Singapore? You can contact E Home Services today. This company is a leading home service company in Singapore these days. There are some useful services that are provided by this company. E Home Services has some professional part time cleaners. They are ready to help you clean your properties, such as home or office building easily. Most of these cleaners are professionally trained, in order to provide the best service quality for all customers. They know how to clean all clients' properties quickly and easily without causing any significant problems.

This company is well-known because it doesn't have agent fee for all services. You don't need to spend your money on the agent fee or registration fee from this company. It has some affordable services for all customers, including carpet cleaning, office cleaning, dry cleaning, window cleaning, and many other services. This company has a lot of experience in this industry these days. Therefore, you don't need to worry about using any services from this reliable company. You can read a lot of good reviews that come from other customers. Most people feel comfortable and happy with all services from E Home Services today.


4. House Cleaner Singapore

When you want to choose the best and most professional house cleaning service in Singapore, you should choose this House Cleaner Singapore. This company specializes its services on the residential properties. You are able to contact this company when you need some help on cleaning your home. This company offers wide range of cleaning services and housekeeping services in Singapore today. There are many people who are happy with the service quality of this company. When you contact this company today, you can get access to the promotional package from this company. There are some discounts or deals that are provided by this company.

There are many customers who feel happy with this company. This company specialists its services in several areas, including part time maid, home cleaning service, aircon cleaning service, weekly house cleaning, spring cleaning, ad hoc cleaning, and many other recommended services. When you need to choose the best cleaning service in Singapore, you can contact this company today. House Cleaner Singapore also has no agent or registration fee. Therefore, you are able to save a lot of money for hiring this company today. You can also contact this company at anytime you want because it is available for 24 hours a day.


They are some recommended cleaning service companies that you can choose today. These companies are recommended for all customers because they offer high quality services for all clients in Singapore. It is a great and perfect time for you to choose the best cleaning service that is good for your needs. Make sure that you contact some of those companies, so you can compare their rates and packages easily. Don't forget to book your appointment with the best cleaning service company today. Hiring a professional cleaning service can help you save money and time for cleaning your properties easily.

Friday, September 18, 2015

4 Ways To Choose The Best House Cleaning Service

Keeping your house clean can help in creating a positive energy in your home. It is found that clean home can easily instil positive energy and also can help in keeping the people who live in the house healthy. Dirt, dust and such things can be considered as the way through which unhealthy atmosphere can be created inside the room. These things should be removed so that better environment can be made in the home.


There are chances for the individuals to easily find a house cleaning service in Singapore. Most of the individuals have got hectic life and so they never get time for cleaning the home and keeping it good form. There are chances for the individuals to easily find the kind of the things that are related with the chances of that. There are chances for hiring the cleaners of Singapore who can really do the work well. There are chances for them to easily know well about that so that you can easily spend quality time with the family rather than spending time for cleaning.

You can spend more time in taking care of kids when you have got house cleaning service of Singapore hired for the job to be done. If you have a messy home then it can keep the people frustrated after the work. There are chances for the individuals to easily get the many things related with that.

There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with the hiring of the house cleaner for the service so that you can clear the mess in home and also can keep the home clean. There are chances for the people to easily choose to hire cleaning service. It can be something inevitable that can take in making wrong decision and also can make the performing companies easily hire the wrong cleaning company.

Sparkling Home
There are chances for the individuals to easily enjoy having the clean home that is sparkling. This can make you have things that are related with the stress when the household chores that can accumulate with the home after the long day. There are chances for you to easily get the home that is really awesome in looks. It can really make the individuals to get the best kind of things. You can get best kind of cleaning effect when you hire a cleaning company for Singapore.

Keeps Home Out of Germs
Getting the house cleaning service Singapore can help in easily getting the house clean and also in getting the house out of any germs. This is something important for you in keeping the loved ones away from the sick and germs. This is something that can help in saving medical bills that are unnecessary. There are chances for getting better health if the house is kept clean and without any kind of germs at home. This can only make the house good and perfect for the individuals to live. There is possibility for the individuals to live without the worries of getting affected by any kind of diseases.

No Need to Worry When Guests Come
There is no need for the individuals to worry about having relatives and friends coming to your home without any invitation. When you hire the house cleaning service Singapore, they can easily get the house cleaned well so that there is no need for worrying about that. These companies can easily help in getting the home in a good way so that you can easily welcome guests without a frown.

Choose Reputed Companies
When you are hiring house cleaning services Singapore, make sure that you do adequate amount of research for getting details about the company. It is something that can provide you with the idea that the company is reputed or not. You can get reviews about the company and many such things from the people in the locality who have used their service. This information can help you in choosing the reputed cleaning service that can do cleaning and also can take care of the furniture. This is something that can help the individuals in easily making the thing well. It is important for maintaining the safety of the individuals.

Monday, April 6, 2015

13 Awesome Facts On A Clean Home

We all like to live in a clean home and that’s why we put our efforts as well in it. But if we talk about the facts related to clean home or benefits that people can get if they have cleanliness in their home then only a handful of people know about these facts. In this article, below I am going to share 13 Awesome Facts On A Clean Home and I am sure you will find these information really amazing and informative.

1.Women do more cleaning: In order to have clean home women does more work compared to men. According to various researches it is proved that more than 51% women do housework on daily basis to have a clean home, but this number is just 20% in men. Also, women spend 2.6 hours per day in cleaning activity while men give only 2 hours if they do the cleaning of the house.

2.Couples argue on cleaning:
Another research also said that more than 47% couples argue for the cleaning subject. In this argument sometime they argue about the person who will clean home and sometime they argue about the ways of cleaning. Other than this, they argue about the frequency of cleaning as well.

3.Green cleaning is growing:
In recent years the idea of green cleaning has increased in a great way and now a day’s people prefer to use natural and environment friendly materials to keep the house clean. Because of this green cleaning need, many companies are having specialization in green cleaning.

4.Green cleaning is healthy:
People are embracing the green cleaning method to have clean home because it improve the indoor air quality. That means it reduce the chances of asthma, allergic effects and less exposure to the dust and other toxic chemicals and their harmful effects.

5.A tidy home can cause injury:
Weather you believe it or not but this a fact that if you will have a dirty, tidy and messy home, then you might face some serious injury with it. However, you can avoid all these complication just by removing all the unwanted material from your house and by having a clean home.

6.Kitchen is not always clean:
I agree most of you clean your kitchen on regular basis, but then also your kitchen might not be completely clean. Your chopping board, kitchen dishcloth and knife can have billions of gems on them because of improper cleaning. Hence, you shall clean these things with more care and using more strong methods of cleaning such as boiling in water and using disinfection solutions for cleaning.

7.Natural is not always good:
Many people think that natural substances such as lemon juice or vinegar are always safe for cleaning. However, this is not true and in some cases these things can give adverse effects to your while cleaning. So, when you use it have a clean home make sure you use it wisely to avoid any complication.

8.People don’t clean overlooked area:
It is a dirty fact that many people just clean the visible area in their home and they get partially clean home. In this process many time people do not clean upper area of light fixtures, cabinets and similar places and as a result of that people do not get a completely clean home. Hence, if you have no intention to have these issues in your home, then you shall pay attention on these things as well.

9.Newspaper works better in windows cleaning:
Mostly people prefer to use paper towel for cleaning of their glass window. However, that is not only a less effective option, but it is costlier as well. At the other hand if you will use newspaper for this cleaning then you will not need to spend any money for that and the ink of newspaper would work as cleaning agent for you and you will get better cleaning with it.

10.Washcloths are easier to clean:
Many people prefer to use sponge while washing dishes, but that is not easy to clean. Instead of that it is recommended that you should use washcloths to clean your dishes. I am recommending this because wash cloths are always easy to clean and you can easily make that free from germs compared to regular sponge. If you use sponge, make sure you clean it properly to keep it free from all kind of germs and microorganisms so you can have a clean home in the best possible ways.

11.Inside air can be more populated:
If we trust one the environmental protection agency and its statement, then we have to believe that the air inside any home can be 200% more populated compared to outside air. Indeed, a lot of factors play a major role in the pollution of inside air, and with right cleaning methods you can have a clean home with cleaner air as well. So, if you have not given any value to this part then now is the time to change your opinion for same.

12.Dust particles contain dead skin cell:
Many people may not know that the dust particle inside any house can have a lot of dead skin cells in it. The basic function of body is that dead skin cell automatically wear off from the body and eventually it becomes the part of the dust. That also means that if you wish to have a clean home, then you need to deal with all the dead skin cells as well so you can have a healthy and hygienic environment for your family.

13.Your wet mop can cause musty smell:
Many times we clean the house using a mop and we wonder why we are getting a musty smell in the home. Wet mop is the answer of your question in this particular place. If you will use a wet mop to clean home, then it might give a musty and stinking smell in your house. To avoid this issue it is suggested that you use a dry or squeezed mop and you change it on a frequent interval as well.