Monday, July 30, 2018

7 Most Effective Living Room Cleaning Tips

Your living room is one of the most important parts of your house. It is the most used space in your house and this space can easily get dirty or cluttered. It is essential to clean and de-clutter your living room regularly to keep dirt or dusts away. Even when guests come into your house, they generally sit and talk in your living room. So, keeping it clean and tidy also helps you to create great impression. But as it may sound, cleaning the living room is not an easy task. It involves de-cluttering, vacuuming the carpet and upholsteries and basic cleaning of other furniture. So, here are some living room cleaning tips that will help you to do this job efficiently:

Tip #1: Start With De-cluttering

One of the most important parts of cleaning and organizing a place is to start with de-cluttering. You must move the items back to its original places. If there are items that don’t belong to your living room, take those items away. Also, keep the books, pen, newspapers and showpieces back to their original places. If you have kids at your home, then you will know that toys often remain scattered all over the places. Pick them up and keep them in the toy boxes. It may take a lot of time for you to de-clutter the entire living room. But once you de-clutter it, half of your work seems to be done. You will find the living space much more organized and tidy.

Tip #2: Dust & Wipe All the Surfaces

This is one of the significant living room cleaning tips. You must wipe down all the surfaces of your living room to ensure that there is no dust or dirt residue. Start with the coffee table and then move to the shelves, vases, lamps and any other hard objects or surfaces in the living room. For this you can take a clean piece of cloth and dust away all the dirt and debris. Otherwise these dirt and dusts can cause allergies and diseases.

Tip #3: Clean The Cushion Covers & Curtains

Cushion covers also need a lot of attention. A lot of dusts and dirt get accumulated on the cushion cover over the time. You must ensure that they are properly cleaned. Otherwise it can be quite harmful for the environment. If you have pets at home, then their dander can also be found in the cushion cover. So, it is important to remove the cushion covers and clean them in the washing machine twice every month. Same goes for the curtains for the windows in the living room. You must wash them properly every month so that there are no dusts on it at all.

Tip #4: Carpet Cleaning

This is probably one of the toughest parts of cleaning. Maximum amount of dust and dirt can be found in the carpets. People come from outside and directly step on over the carpet, with or without shoes. So, this area definitely needs your maximum attention. Carpet can have a lot of debris, dust and pet hair which can lead to infections and asthma problems. Even in hot and humid climates, there is a high chance of mold growth in your carpet. Thus, make sure to clean the carpet twice a week. You can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet thoroughly. Make sure not a single inch is spared as bacteria and viruses can grow vigorously from that very part.

Tip #5: Cleaning the Upholsteries

Of course, cleaning the upholsteries can be a little bit challenging for you. But it is one of the most effective living room cleaning tips that must know. If there are stains on your upholsteries, then make sure to remove it. Before you start removing the stain with the solution and water, it is important to remove the dusts. Otherwise it can get muddy. So, you must use the vacuum cleaner all over your upholsteries to ensure no dust or dirt is left behind. Now for cleaning any stain, you will need a cleansing solution which is effective on upholsteries. Dab the cleansing solution on the solution and let it sit for few minutes. Then take a clean brush and scrub gently. It must do the magic. Then dab a dry cloth on it and blow dry the area immediately. Moist upholsteries can encourage molds to grow.

Tip #6: Clean The Television

Living room is incomplete with a television. Every household has a television of their own and you must clean that too. You will notice that over the time TV screen will have fine dusts accumulated on it. Take a clean cloth made up of delicate microfibers for cleaning the TV screen. You have to wipe the screen very gently with the cloth. Otherwise you may get scratches on the screen. Once you are done, you can also use this same cloth for cleaning any surfaces on your living room that are made up of glasses.

Tip #7: Don’t Forget The Windows & Doors
Another important tip for cleaning your living room is to clean the windows and doors too. People often overlook the windows and doors but there can be a lot of dusts and debris on it. Even the window grilles will have dusts too. Windows and doors are exposed to storms, heat, dusts and rains outside. Thus, they need to be brushes and cleaned regularly so that they are clean and tidy.


So, these are some of the essential living room cleaning tips that you must follow to get the best result. A clean and tidy living room can leave a great impression on the mind of your guests as well. Also, it is essential for the overall health and wellness of your family. Keeping the living room clean and well-organized can also uplift the beauty of your entire house. You can see a drastic change in the appearance of your living room after cleaning it. It is important to take out 15 to 20 minutes daily and work on cleaning the living room.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Office Cleaning – To Clean Or Not To Clean?

When the question is as direct as in the title above, hardly anyone would answer in the negative. Indeed, we have grown to believe that office cleaning is paramount to the productivity of any work place.

A clean office not only keeps germs at bay but also motivates staff morale. Office cleaning also helps restore order, remove clutter and as a result office items become easier to locate, especially in open office layouts. However, there are drawbacks to office cleaning too. Read on to discover some of the pros and cons of office cleaning.

Pros Of Office Cleaning
Hygienic Purposes – This is perhaps one of the most basic reasons why any office cleaning work is undertaken. High traffic around office areas leads to the stirring of dust and dirt particles. These particles are then blown and settle on any surfaces they can find; be they office tables or even on the shelves and counters. As the dust particles fly through the air, they are seamlessly breathed in by office workers. The result can be anything from simply coughs to more serious respiratory infections such as asthma, and dusty lung. These conditions greatly impair the productivity of office workers so it is important to prevent them from happening by doing routine office cleaning.

For Aesthetic Purposes And Enhancing Employee Concentration – The appearance of grime on the office windows or cobwebs hanging precariously on every ceiling can prove to be quite an eyesore. In order for employees to perform to their optimum level, there needs to be as few distractions as possible. One major distraction is a dirty office. Imagine seated in a seminar room with white ceilings full of cobwebs and dirty patches – no matter how intense the meeting is, you are bound to be distracted and lose concentration. The aesthetic appeal of a clean office does not only make the workers cheerful but will also enhance their focus and concentration.

Good For Image -
A dirty office does not only dampen the morale of the office workers but could also give a very bad impression on the entire company. So, you are in the hotel industry and guys from the quality assessment and compliance departments pay you a visit and the first thing that greets them is dirty windows and dusty floors. The kind of report they would give would truly affect your reputation. It is important, therefore, to adopt proactive office cleaning measures so that your image and reputation does not suffer. If you are an entrepreneur or the company owner, this will save you a lot of time and money you would have otherwise spent on damage control once word spreads out there about the deplorable hygienic conditions in your place of work.

Enhances Overall Employee Satisfaction – It is not easy to get your employees satisfied and motivated to face each day at work, and it becomes even harder with a dirty office. You will notice that employees feel more motivated when they walk into a fresh-smelling room each morning. Add to that a clean fridge where they can keep their lunch, a clean water dispenser, working desk, washrooms etc, and you could be looking at a very motivated staff. The sense of satisfaction brought about by a clean office has a direct connection with the level of satisfaction of the office workers.

Preserving Office Assets–
The durability and longevity of office assets has a direct relationship with the frequency and manner in which it is cleaned. Hardwood surfaces require constant polishing so that they can not only retain their flair but also last long. Windows should be regularly cleaned using the right solutions as a means of preserving them. It is important to remember that if windows are left for long without cleaning, they become prone to cracking. The same rule applies to virtually every other office asset – from desktop monitors to fridges, water coolers and office furniture.

It Is A Welcome Break –
Office cleaning, especially daytime cleaning, requires a small break and this break is normally a welcome relief for the staff. It enables them to freshen up before they can get back for the next stretch of hours. This is especially important for offices that do not have mid-morning tea breaks, as staff can now use this break to prepare for the next stretch leading up to lunch time.

Cons Of Office Cleaning

The Disruptive Effects –
While many may embrace the short break that comes while their office is cleaned, some may think of this as unnecessary bother. Every company has its own rules regarding the official office cleaning hours. During these hours, it doesn’t matter what position you hold, you simply have to excuse yourself and let the cleaners do their job. This can be disruptive; especially if you had a project you are working on and are on a time crunch.

Possibility Of Security Breaches – There are certain departments in every company that contain crucial information that everyone should have access to. Departments such as the finance, procurement, human resource and accounts may have some classified information getting into the wrong hands during office cleaning routines. How would it feel if you stumbled upon a list of candidates for retrenchment while going about your office cleaning duties in the HR office? Worse yet, how would you react if you happened to find your name on the list? The excitement or anxiety in you would definitely get the better of you so much as to spread the word, therefore compromising the security of the company’s information.

Possibility Of Losing Time And Business –
Depending on the industry you are in, office cleaning could affect your business negatively. A telephone operator handling a huge backlog of calls may end up not contacting all the company’s prospects because of these kinds of disruptions. We all know that time wasted can never be recovered, especially when we are talking of business time. At times, you may have to weigh the benefits of proceeding with that crucial meeting against having it disrupted for a few minutes.


Evidently, office cleaning has its perks and drawbacks. Be that as it may, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Therefore, we could possibly conclude that as long as the time lost during the actual office cleaning hours is not significant, or as long as there are no breaches on the company’s security information, then office cleaning remains an indispensable part of any place of work. Needless to mention, there are lots of professional office cleaning companies all over Singapore. A little background check will ensure you end up with a great company for all your office cleaning needs.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Top 10 ways to Clean Curtains Yourself

Throughout the year, curtains hang around our houses doing their work, blinding. However, with all the right deeds, most individuals fail to show them some love by not cleaning them as needed. More often than not, cleaning of curtains is viewed as backbreaking. Therefore, most individuals opt to do replacements instead of cleaning hence costing them much. Without saying much, I will provide a few simple ways on how you can clean your curtains at the comfort of your home. Before we proceed, you have to check the curtain labels for manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Otherwise, you may end up ruining your precious curtain for picking the wrong tip.

1. Vacuuming
Removing curtains for cleaning can be hectic at times based on their size. However, with vacuuming, cleaning is eased as one can do the task while they are still hanging. One should consider doing the vacuuming regularly, maybe once to thrice a week. The frequent act prevents the buildup of dirt which if allowed to add up may be a disaster in the coming days. To enable a smooth and successful vacuuming, one should ensure that his or her curtain has no fringes. Also, one should watch for too much pull with the vacuum otherwise the curtains may fall off the rod.

2. Shake off the dirt
We all understand how bothering dust can be on our amazing curtains. However, a thorough shake of the curtains can do away with the trouble while they are still hanging. The shaking should also be carried out on a regular basis, and this can save one a fortune and time. However, if the curtains appear dustier, it is advisable to release them from their poles and shake them from outside to avoid dusting the room during the process.

3. Use a lint roller
Mostly, curtains made of materials such as velvet can attract tiny fabric fibers. The annoying thing is that a vacuum cleaner cannot do away with all these small fibers. Therefore, in case you notice some small fabrics left after vacuuming, it is advisable to use a lint roller or brush to complete the cleaning task.

. Use a fabric softener
Use of a fabric softener is a conventional technique applied in many households to keep the curtains clean. The procedure is quick and straightforward as it sounds. One is only expected to wipe the fabric sheet over the curtain. Depending on the thickness of the curtain, the rubbing can repeatedly be done to allow complete removal of dust particles. The procedure should also be done in small portions to ensure that the whole piece gets cleaned. Often, the use of fabric softener is preferred as gives curtains a fantastic scent which is perfect for a happy household.

5. Steam Cleaning
In one occasion or another, we have had our drapes greased. Mostly, homes with small children fall victim to this awful act. We can’t blame our kids. They are innocent. We all understand the struggle of washing away the stains or greases from the curtains. Often, most of this curtains are laboriously fitted hence only professionals can remove them from their rods.

Does this mean one has to leave with greasy curtains while awaiting some professional assistance? No, with steam cleaning, one can do away with the oily patches using a handheld steam cleaner efficiently. The process should be carried out gently to avoid wetting the curtains. Besides, for a successful cleanup, one should steam the curtains in an organized manner to ensure that every piece of the curtain gets clean.

6. Use sprays to remove odors

One good thing about steam cleaning is the fact that it comes accompanied with a deodorizer. This deodorizers which come in the form of a spray can help much in doing away with the bad odors in the curtains. However, some of the smells are hectic, and the steaming procedure can’t flash them away.

Surprisingly, today, most local stores have sprays meant to wash away the bad odors that may come from the curtain. The sprays come in a variety of scents hence allowing to pick one that suits their taste. The sprays give the curtains a fresh smell which means an excellent smelling room.

7. Clean your windows like a pro

Often, our precious curtains get dirty while we are cleaning the windows. We all understand that the windows act as a hindrance to the dusty outside world. Hence, if not careful, all the dirt wiped out of the windows may end up landing on the curtains. Therefore, it is advisable that while cleaning the windows, one should apply extra caution to not to interfere with the curtain's beauty. Also, while cleaning, one should watch out that he or she is spraying the washing cloth and not the window to prevent the cleaning agents from reaching the curtains afterward.

8. Hand washing

Although it might sound tiresome, hand washing can be more comfortable if done correctly. First of all, one has to understand that curtains come with their specific washing instructions. For example, curtains made of 100 percent should be hand washed. Therefore, one must be on the-know while hand washing since some curtains may shrink, hence ruining their sweet features.

9. Allow curtains to breathe regularly

Sounds funny, right? Yes, curtains also need to be shown some love by having some fresh air. Most of the odors coming from curtains are as a result of lacking sufficient air. Therefore, it is advisable to air your curtains regularly and after cleaning. The process allows free circulation of air hence a pleasant smell. Besides, the procedure also prevents the inhibition of moulds which are a threat to the beauty of your curtains.

10. Dry cleaning

Last but not the least is the dry cleaning method which is often used. Dry cleaning is efficient since it guarantees total removal of dust particles and grease stains. However, most individuals fail in this method for not understanding the dry cleaning procedure. Therefore, it is advisable to call for professional assistance while dry cleaning, otherwise you may end up ruining your expensive curtain.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Know Different Forms Of Cleaning Services Available

As the world continues to become busier consistently, household cleaning undertakings normally end up disheartening and more often disregarded. The existence of cleaning organizations has guaranteed that this weight has been expelled from the shoulders of individuals and foundations. Before booking cleaning services, it is prudent to comprehend what you require with regards to cleaning. These are a portion of the prefered services:

Basic cleaning
Basic cleaning services incorporate the basic yet critical cleaning necessities in the land. This service incorporates tidying surfaces, vacuuming rugs, floor cleaning, and stain cleaning. The basic cleaning regularly happens all through the house, where, for instance, lavatories, toilets, sinks, lounges, and kitchens are cleaned. The cleaners expel refuse from the kitchen and different territories in the house and tidy up the room. Basic cleaning can be customary, where the client buys into the service, once per week, once per month or as per their necessities.

Thorough cleaning
the profound cleaning is a confused service that brushes the whole property with broad cleaning techniques. The cleaning specialists are utilized to thoroughly clean floors, dark red rugs with steam and steam cleaners, scour kitchen apparatuses, for example, fridges and barbecues, wash or steam upholstery textures, and clean details, for example, cupboard handles and entryway handles.

Thorough cleaning is a basic service that intends to expel all the soil in the house from tidy to stains on the cover. A thorough cleaning can be a consistent service that happens roughly like clockwork. This service is firmly suggested for family units with youngsters, so you can get an excellent level of cleanliness.

End of the rental cleaning
the single or portion cleaning service is accessible to the two occupants and proprietors. Landowners can book this service before another occupant moves into a house to keep the property satisfactory to the inhabitant amid the visit and on the genuine gathering date. An inhabitant could get this service if they leave an old property or move to another home to finish cleaning as indicated by their inclinations. This service can be given by the inclination of the client as a basic cleaning or a profound cleaning.

One-time cleaning
the one-time cleaning service has a high change, as this relies on the reasons why the client acknowledges the service. The service might be a thorough or basic cleaning in view of the expressed needs of the client. Many customers lease a cleaning service in the wake of facilitating gatherings, remodels and repairs in home and carport deals. The one-time cleaning service is carefully fit and can be exclusively adjusted to the requirements of the family unit.

Private service
the most well-known is the private service, frequently alluded to as janitorial service or janitorial service. This sort of business generals housework and cleaning, for the most part frequently, but some offer one of a kind arrangements.

Vacuuming, tidying, cleaning and sterilizing the kitchen and restroom are among the customary assignments that this kind of service offers.

Some lodging services additionally offer restoration following the redesign or even repair of troubled properties with the goal that remodel could occur or to make the area fit. The new building can be another zone in which private services can flourish.

Business premise cleaning service
Organizations and workplaces regularly utilize a business service to work outside business hours and to satisfy general housekeeping commitments. Frequently organizations offer both private and business services on account of the closeness of their assignments. These services are generally planned more every now and again than housekeeping.

Business services in substantial office towers might not have the gear important to clean the outside of the building windows. For this situation, isolate windscreen washers will be relegated to play out this unsafe errand.

Cabinet cleaning service
procuring an expert cover cleaner can prompt enormous outcomes. Because of the extraordinary hardware engaged in this profession, cover services have a tendency to have a smaller core interest. Notwithstanding rugs and carpets, they generally offer tile cleaning and in some cases additionally restroom and shower recolor expulsion.

Construction place cleaning up
construction place clearing services incorporate basic development, organization changes, transformations, and updates or new acquisitions. If you intend to begin this moderately obscure kind of business, you will first need the vital endorsements and licenses. Like different services, you should prepare your workers previously beginning your business. There may likewise be a few dangers and mishaps that may happen amid cleaning, so it is smarter to have protection and exceptional insurance for your representatives. For this business, you should have vehicles, for example, trucks and other gear had practical experience in clearing trash and refuse from the job site.

You have to tidy up all the garbage and waste in the workplace or building, update it, or add new outlines and furniture to make them satisfactory. The hazard in this business is considerably higher, particularly with regards to cleaning up squander, so you can charge a higher expense to your clients contrasted with different sorts of cleaning service.


Organizations offer many cleaning services that mean to make life huge and sterile for clients. The greatest favorable position of picking prepared cleaners is that they offer viability and solace as far as cleaning. Best of all, you don't need to lift a finger amid the whole method
Since you've found out about the many sorts of cleaning services accessible for your utilization or as a business; you would now be able to settle on the correct choice for you.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

House Cleaning Tips And Tricks

After coming back from office, when you need to clean up the house, it becomes very hectic for you. At that time, you want to slouch over the couch, but your messy house impels you to clean your dusty rooms.

Don't you think little help from some other source will give you big respite? Yes, your point is valid! There are many agencies, which can give you proper information on house cleaning service.

Those agencies give flexible options for choosing house cleaning services. They will give you option of choosing housemaid on the weekly or daily basis.

While you choose maid cleaning services on a daily basis, you can see the changes in your house as it will be neat and clean on a daily basis. While you choose maid on a weekly basis, then this option becomes cheaper for you.

If you are not hiring from agencies, then also you can get this service from private cleaner. In that case, you get this service at cheaper cost since you do not have to pay the agency cost. Private cleaners also do the same kind of work. But reliability becomes a big issue as private cleaners are not registered with any company.

Mainly three important categories of cleaners are available in the market these days. You can choose and hire according to your needs, and as per the budget, you have fixed for it.

Mother's helper: they are known as the house helper. They are hired for helping in household services. Preferably, women are seen to give such services. They are paid on hourly basis.
Freelancer: These helpers are not licensed or authorized by any agency. Many employed and unemployed people are there to give services on a freelance basis. They are not hired by any company. Thus, they are free to do other jobs along with this cleaning service.

Maid service agency/company: If you are hiring this kind of service from any agency or company then authenticity or quality of work is ensured. These agencies are insured and licensed. Thus, you can easily bank upon them. They also provide services either on the daily or weekly basis. The charge for this kind of service provider goes on the higher side, as the commission of the agency is also included in this case. But you can hire maid cleaning services without any fear.

Thus, you have wide variety of house cleaning service option in your hand and you have to decide which one you want to choose.

Therefore, before you settle on a choice and call a cleaning service, take time to consider whether cleaning services are ideal for you.

Consider the Cost
Cleaners will regularly charge moderate prices more than you might consider. The area of your home, the size of your home, and additional requests outside the norm or any required services can influence the expense, so make a point to do your homework. If you have pets, how well they are cared for inside your home, will be a factor in the investment.

Know Your Worth
Figure out what your time truly costs. You can calculate your hourly rate and determine if the investment is worthy. You may find that cleaning services can carry out the work faster and more efficiently saving you time and money.

Tap Into Your Circle of Influence

You know cleaning teams will be entering your home routinely, therefore, verifying the company is important. Approach your family and friends for referrals and find out how their experience faired. If no one you know uses a cleaning service in Austin, ask the company for references. References will tell you more about the company, its level of service and whether or not it's employees are trustworthy. All this information should make you feel secure; if not, you may need to reevaluate.

Separate Your Needs
Make a list of the tasks you truly need to be done. Your requests are likely standard; however, if you're requesting things like dishes, making beds, and ironing, you may be taking a look at extra expenses. Indeed, even with a couple of errands still left on your 'things to do', your undertaking burden will be altogether abbreviated.

Also, thousands of households turn to a professional maid service on a regular or semi-regular basis to get their home in tip-top shape. With many households working full time and taking care of children when they get home, there isn't much time left to clean the home.

Maid services offer a professional service managed by a company in your local area. These companies provide trained professionals who come into the home and clean the rooms you have chosen at an agreed price.

Before you decide whether or not to call in professional maid service, you will want to go to your home and identify the rooms you want cleaning. You may only want the kitchen and bathrooms cleaned, or you may decide you want a complete spring clean from top to bottom. Knowing the rooms, you want to take care of can help you during your search to find the best service and best deals.

Speak to family and friends and ask for referrals. Word of mouth is often the best way to find a good service. People you know are not likely to provide you with a name of a company they had a bad experience with; they will only tell you about those worth mentioning. If you can't find a company that way, you can turn to the internet, where you will be welcomed with hundreds of choices that service your local area.

It is essential when going through the maid service providers in your local area that you ensure that they are bonded and insured. This can provide you with peace of mind should they damage something or should something go missing while your home is being cleaned. Once you get to know and trust the company and you use them time and time again, you will find that this fear washes away.

It is also worthwhile confirming that the team they send to your home have all had background checks. You don't want to allow a company into your home to clean where the team haven't been thoroughly screened or checked; this can result in a known thief being given full access to your home which is brimming with memories, sentimental items, and valuable products.

Following the steps so far you have probably managed to narrow down your search for a maid service considerably. You may be left with one or two companies that can provide you with great service. Now it's time to look at the price. When it comes to price, try and choose a company that offers a flat per room rate rather than an hourly rate. You will be amazed how much money you can save by choosing this option.

Always be sure to check with the maid service provider on their cleaning process and the chemicals they use. Ideally, you want to choose a company that uses environmentally friendly chemicals that are non-toxic and completely safe for your children and household pets. The cleaning process can help you identify how the company works and the schedule they keep, enabling you to visually inspect the property afterward and ensure all the spaces have been cleaned as per your expectations.
Paying good money for a maid service and then finding the home isn't cleaned to your expectations can be exceptionally frustrating. Choose a maid service company that will provide you some with some form of satisfaction guarantee.